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Qeeva Advisory Limited

Qeeva Advisory Limited is a Nigeria management consulting Firm, Tax Consulting, Forensic Accounting, Human Capital, Accounting, Audit, Corporate Service, Financial Advisory, platform for rendering specialized management, forensic accounting, tax, financial accounting and audit for its teeming client base. is managed by Matthew OGAGAVWORIA, FCA, CFAN, a thorough-bred professional with over 20years experiences across several industries including banking and finance, capital markets, oil and gas, consulting and audit. He has specialist expertise in SME Funding and Advisory, including Forensic Accounting and Taxation.

Our Service Offering

Management Consulting

We provide management consulting services to our clients to support their goals of keeping with the changes in the business environment, the competition, government regulation.

Business Consulting services nigeria

Business Consulting

Business Consulting services that covers Corporate Finance, Business Valuation, Due Diligence, Business Restructuring, Insolvency & Corporate Reengineering, Finance Optimization, Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance.

Capital Raising Services in nigeria

Business Plan

Our business plans have been used to raise equity and debt capital funding for our clients. Clients who require business plan to raise funds from lenders locally and abroad.

Company Formation & Registration Company Secretarial Services

Company Formation & Registration Company Secretarial Services

We are experts in rendering company registration and company formation services in Nigeria with over 12 years of experience working with clients from different sectors such as manufacturing, food, oil and gas, financials, construction and non-governmental organizations.

Debt Recovery Agent services in nigeria

Debt Recovery Agent

We offer customized, tailored credit management, debt collection, debt recovery and Credit Management Training and Implementation services for our Client.

Business Valuation services in nigeria

Business Valuation

We provide business valuation services to our client who require same during fresh capital injections, investments, divestments, Initial Public Offering, Partner Disputes, Exiting Stock Market where Minority Shareholders Dissent.

Salary and Job Grading Review

Salary and Job Grading Review

Salary and job grading review is affiliated with job evaluation and this deals with the procedure involved in analyzing the obligations, duties, remuneration and requirement of every job and then appraising the value of these jobs

ackground Checks / Verification

Background Checks / Verification

We offer background check, certificate, and credential verification. We follow up on references supplied by the candidate to confirm their suitability. We support your hiring and retention work.

Budget Analysis in nigeria

Budget Analysis

Our specialist in budget analysis will assist your company to maintain the requisite cash flow, ensuring that the budget is sound and point your company into areas that may need adjustments and improvement.

Do you have any questions? Lets talk!

(+234) 802 320 0801, (+234) 807 576 5799,

Do you have any questions? Lets talk!

(+234) 802 320 0801, (+234) 807 576 5799,