Management Consulting Firm in Nigeria

Qeeva Advisory Limited is a Nigeria management consulting Firm, Tax Consulting, Forensic Accounting, Human Capital, Accounting, Audit, Corporate Service, and Financial Advisory, a platform for rendering specialized management, forensic accounting, tax, financial accounting and audit for its teeming client base. is managed by Matthew OGAGAVWORIA, FCA, CFAN, a thorough-bred professional with over 20 years experience across several industries including banking and finance, capital markets, oil and gas, consulting and audit. He has specialist expertise in SME Funding and Advisory, including Forensic Accounting and Taxation.

Management Consultants Role in Business

Management Consultants work with Businesses and owners, management to solve problems and grow them. They provide expert advise and also work with management to implement advise they may have provided in course of their work. Management Consultants in Nigeria work with several industrial sectors and also functional areas in business. They support the Business Strategy, Strategic Management, Financial Planning, Budgeting, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Operations, Warehousing, Logistics, Capital Raising, Investments and Venture Capital. They work with both private and public sector organizations.


Management Consultants in Nigeria support management with unbiased advisory and help them in shaping strategy, structure, plans, change, growth strategy, international development, mergers, acquisition, recommend alternative and drive sustainable growth and improve efficiency.


The Management Consulting firms in Nigeria provide their clients with review of current situations, procedures, utilize best practices to make recommendation for improvement and plans to implement same. They also work with top management to implement specific action that were recommended in the strategic plan.

Business strategy
Business strategy is the strategic initiatives a company pursues to create value for the organization and its stakeholders and gain a competitive advantage in the market. This strategy is crucial to a company’s success and is needed before any goods or services are produced or delivered.

Managements perform reviews of current business strategy, work with executives to craft new strategies, executes when called upon, control and evaluate strategies that have been deployed

Manufacturing and business services
This involves a review of the layout of a production department, production control arrangements, productivity and incentive schemes, or quality control problems.

Manufacturing is defined as the conversion of raw materials into finished goods through the use of tools, labor, and machinery. Raw materials include items such as wood, stone, and ore. They become finished goods including lumber, pillars, or steel for construction.

Management Consultants perform a review of the entire production processes, quality control, productivity, labour incentives, and cost control in the process and make recommendations.

Financial and management controls

Financial controls refer to the development of policies and procedures by an organization to manage its financial resources and operate efficiently. It is essential for cash flow management, budgeting, and the prevention of any fraud or theft. Thus, it enables the business to track and oversee its financial activities to grow and prosper.

Management Consulting firms in Nigeria work with management to institute budgetary controls, and financial control systems, review budgeting and monitoring systems, accounting policies, procedures and internal systems, and record and operations tracking for efficiency and removal of unacceptable slack in the financial systems architecture in the business.

Human resources
Working as a HR consultant involves advising on personnel policy, manpower planning, job enrichment, job evaluation and industrial relations.

As top Management Consulting firms, Company enjoy management who engage them enjoy guidance on Human Resources Policy Management Planning, Job Enrichment, Job Specification, Performance Appraisal, Recruitment, Talent Management, Compensation surveys, Employee Surveys, Head Hunting of Key Staff, Succession Planning, Pensions Advisory.

The Best Management Consulting firms support companies with market research, forecasting, selling, digital marketing, promotion, product pricing, product reviews, and public relations.

Environmental management
This includes urban and regional development planning, international economic research, cost-benefit and social analysis studies, and physical, economic, ecological, and sociological studies for the encouragement of quality of lifestyle.

Quality management

The No 1 Management Consulting firms in Nigeria engage in policy formulation, strategy on quality management, customer satisfaction surveys, people management, and quality processes and procedures.

Information technology

Management Consulting firms help Companies to determine their information requirements, software they will need, system analysis and design, systems feasibility studies, and make recommendations for systems deployed, software applications. They advise on improvements that can be made by the use of information technology to position the business to take advantage that information technology offers to support all functional areas of the business including automation.


Fill knowledge gaps

Critical knowledge required by the organization where it cannot employ management consultants in their role can be filed by the use of management consultants as they possess specialist skills and experience in limited areas. They also do not get distracted by internal issues of the organization.

How we work

Our work as Strategy Consultant requires us to do a lot of data gathering, processes, and analysis.

Procedures of our Projects include:

Problem definition – This is the problem that require a solution

Approach – The proven methodology to solve the problem

Data gathering – Search for every available information on the problem, data, etc

Data Analysis – Analysing the  evidence, and information gathered, interpreting it, and stating what it means

Advice – The recommended solution based on best practices and advise

Implementation – Implementing the recommendations, producing positive results thereof.

In summary, the management consulting firm in Nigeria has a greater to play in improving the performance of its clients or helping to achieve their organizational objectives. The organization enjoys specialized expertise.

Typically, Management Consulting firms in Nigeria like us provide change management, Business Coaching, Operational Improvements, Technology Advisory, and Strategy Development using owned or standard methodologies in formulating the proper definition of the problems, data gathering, data analysis, and recommendation and implementation.

Management Consulting firms in Nigeria are known to provide recommendations to help their client improve.

As your chosen management consulting firm, we will do the following.

Solve a specific problem for a client

Give a diagnosis for the root cause of an issue

Perform data analysis to help understand organizational issues

Make recommendations for how an organization can improve

Help implement new procedures that an organization needs to thrive

Help get the team on board with needed changes or adjustments

Teach the client how to proceed

Prepare the client to watch out for and solve similar issues down the road


The company has supported a varied range of companies and has supported their growth and negotiated loans on a win-win basis to his client and their financiers.

If you require support for your business in the area of financial advisory, business plan and feasibility writing, experience, and qualified staff to support your growth, you are better to talk to the managers here. The platform makes use of seasoned chartered accountants, business development service providers, finance access facilitators, investments advisers, tax consultants in Nigeria, and management experts in Nigeria whose experience cuts across several sectors of the Nigerian economy

Matthew Ogagavworia is the Founder/CEO of the company. He has deep experience in banking, finance law, regulatory risks, and compliance matters.

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