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We offer accounting advisory services to our clients

We provide our clients with accounting solutions to meet their needs whether it is accounting, bookkeeping and provision of advisory services. We provide accounting services to help manage our clients business in their accounting difficulties and the changes that has to do with adopting a new and more robust accounting standards and GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). In recent times, there is greater attention and close examination given to financial reporting by regulators, investors and other related stakeholders.

There are many challenges for organizations from an accounting perspective, companies now need to show how they are adopting the new accounting standard, what controls and measures are put in place in order to diminish costs. Qeeva Advisory Limited accounting advisory experts and professionals provides these services to support our clients by helping them manage these additional requirements. Companies needs to be aware of these changes


Accounting Advisory Services

As an entrepreneur, you are focused on driving sales and monitoring the performance of your team against targets. You may not have the time to monitor the numbers. Your accountant may just be working for you more like a Cashier, carrying out only cash payments and deposits and recording same. They may not be attuned to providing you financial statements that tell you how you are doing on a periodic basis. As Accounting Advisory Service providers, we are there to help our customers. Specifically,

We provide accounting, bookkeeping, tax consulting, tax filing and advisory services. Our range of accounting service also include bank reconciliations, month-end and year-end financial reporting, Withholding Tax Remittances and Credit Notes Collections, Payables and Receivable Reconciliations, Excess Bank Charges Determinations, Costing, Business Start-Up advisory, Financial Analysis and Interpretation

Our experts and professionals with in-depth technical accounting knowledge and variety of industry experience and insights will help your business achieve efficiency by recommending the appropriate accounting system and assisting through the implementation. At Qeeva Advisory Limited, we have accumulated experience of over 12 years by helping our clients manage these complex events.

Our team ensures that our clients get the right accounting solution to their needs in terms of their reporting objectives and regulatory requirement. Our dedicated professionals can help you address the risks, challenges, and opportunities particular to both your business and your industry

We provide the following accounting advisory services:


Our experts ensure that the transactions for all balances are recorded in the financial statement of the organization. This may include all transactions relating to employee expenses, customer invoices, payment vouchers, taxes incurred and all other expenses relating to the organization while maintaining appropriate books of account, bank statements required by the accounting standards


We also ensure that there is proper preparation of financial statement of the organization while focusing on the management, corporate and statutory requirements. This includes converting financial statements to align with the regional and statutory requirements.


Understanding the GAAP conversion to IFRS requires an in depth technical understanding. We have developed a GAAP conversion methodology that will help various organizations to a smooth transition to IFRS

Our services under this consists of:

  • Diagnostic – Identification of potential GAAP and disclosure requirements
  • Development of an Implementation Roadmap
  • Conclude on accounting positions
  • Computational assistance and
  • Preparation of GAAP compliance financial statements
  • First time adoption of IFRS – Conversion to IFRS from a National GAAP
  • Impact Assessment /GAP Analysis between IFRS and National GAAPs
  • Development of IFRS accounting policy manuals
  • Re-aligning local charts of accounts to IFRS


We also ensure that our clients are adequately prepared for an audit. We do this by working closely with our client’s team and aid them by assessing them and all the requirements. This can also be referred to as an audit preparation. It consists of the following services

  • Pre-Audit – Bringing efficiencies to the audit process
  • Management Accounting Note/Opinion
  • Preparation of Fixed Assets Register
  • Account reconciliation
  • Audit Coordination
  • Asset Componentisation Support


We also ensure that our clients fixed asset management are efficient. We aid in creating a fixed asset register that is IFRS compliant which the client will adopt, physically verify all fixed assets by sending representatives, measuring and recording the data of each fixed asset.


We also help set up accounting software, books and records system


Over the years, we have drafted various business plans that are profitable and cost effective to our clients. We provide this service by comparing various performance measures, establishing set standards and corrections in the gaps


We review the economic and various industry trend analysis to help improve our client’s corporate accountability and indicate areas of improvement. This often activity based costing and strategic budgeting to help improve the performance of the organization


We perform analysis and proper reconciliations by providing the management with input as to the breakdown in processes and controls that led to the errors


We provide our clients with finance and accounting professionals who will work with their management team in order to build a better infrastructure for managing cash


We also provide ways in which the our clients can improve, have advantages over their competition


We also inform our clients of the recent developments and changes in IFRS that may have impact on their financial reporting.


We also help our clients to execute their payroll and any other items related to it such as the pension scheme of its employees


We also help our clients meet their business objectives in any way possible by giving them various strategies that will help grow the performance of their business


We assist our clients whose organizations are about to undergo restructuring of their businesses. We help in understanding the values at which businesses and assets should be recorded, the mechanism of merger and acquisitions


At Qeeva Advisory Limited, our clients receive top notch accounting services. You should seek our services because:

We aid our clients by improving the efficiency and quality of their financial reporting process

We can help client organizations deal with the accounting considerations involved in new regulatory compliance initiatives including the new accounting standards or regulatory pronouncements.

We can also assist clients in fulfilling capital market expectations of reliable, transparent and detailed financial information.

We work with our clients to help them achieve compliance and advising on how they might organize their financial reporting processes

We provide technical assistance to our clients in complex accounting issues and enhance financial information

We assist companies with the preparation of financial statements under the necessary reporting environment

We advise on improving systems and processes to create an appropriate balance between performance, risk and control while delivering accurate and timely information to significant stakeholders.

Our teams deliver a consistent, efficient and cost-effective service

At Qeeva Advisory Limited our teams are committed to helping clients reach the right accounting answer in the context of reporting objectives, commercial reality and regulatory requirements.

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with accounting advisory services

We provide value-for-money services and solutions which are flexible and cost effective

We develop tools for implementing new accounting standards and facilitating decision-making

There is continual changes in the accounting standards, practices, laws, guidelines and financial reporting. These changes may bring about new accounting policies in an organization. Reporting practices are rapidly changing than ever before in the business environment, at Qeeva Advisory Limited we are dedicated to helping our clients thrive. Our accounting advisory team of experts and professionals provide our clients with a wide range of services regarding the implementation and reporting of new accounting standards. Our pool of experience which is over 12 years enable to provide insightful advice to all sectors and industries

Our team will help you generate you financial information to depict a true and fair view of your business and ensuring that it is IFRS compliant which works in an effective and efficient manner. This is why it is more important than ever for organisations to obtain specialist technical accounting advice and support to help them adapt and succeed.

Requiring Accounting Advisory Service support so that you can offload some pressure and focus on the big numbers, don’t fail to seek help. We help transform your accounting system information into tools for financial decision making. Give your bookkeeping, accounting, tax advisory functions today. Call 08023200801, 08075765799, Email:

Our Accounting Advisory Services includes also:

  • Designing of tools to compute deferred taxes and monitor tax efficiently
  • Computation of  deferred tax, effective tax rate and monitoring tax structuring efficiency
  • Review of  deferred tax computation and disclosures in line with IFRS
  • Systemic improvements to the financial reporting operating model. This includes: Design of consolidation process under NGAAP, IFRS
  • Design of reporting efficiency tools, such as accounting policy manual, IFRS checklist, group reporting instructions, etc.
  • Development of tailor-made tools such as IFRS and NGAAP adjustments and KPIs computation
  • Selection and implementation of software solutions (e.g. bookkeeping, costs accounting, consolidation, reporting)
  • Support in outsourcing strategic decisions
  • Selection of service providers and definition of service level agreement
  • Review and update IT interfaces with new providers, such as accounting firms, tax advisors and property managers

Our Face-to-face training sessions covers:

  • New and amended IFRS standards and/or Nigeria legal and regulatory requirements (e.g., tax) with insight into the practical implications
  • Consolidation
  • Fund structuring
  • Use of learning materials including “software based” modules

We are IFRS Conversion Consultants in Nigeria. We are also noted for our skills as authorities in NGAAP for public sector to IPSAS-Cash or Accrual Basis. We are a trusted name in IPSAS Conversion in Nigeria.

Support in conversion into IFRS and NGAAP. This includes:
Identification of gaps and accounting options
Assess the impact of conversion on the control environment and information systems
Definition of a conversion plan
Computation of conversion adjustments
Preparation of IFRS or US GAAP first time adopter financial statements
We have supported many public sector entities to navigate the labyrinth of conversion of NGAAP for public sector to IPSAS, Cash Basis. We are currently on the pilot for IPSAS-Accrual Basis for some of the public sector entities.

If you require an IPSAS Consulting Firm in Nigeria, we are there to support you to help you succeed in your project. Our project approach is so systematic that you can be rest assured that the results are just there for you to take. You will be doing so well giving us a call today.

  • Identification of inefficiencies and areas needing improvement
  • Evaluation of IT capabilities for existing financial reporting process
  • Advice in order to improve efficiency between supply processes (lease management, treasury function, tax reporting, etc.) and implementation of IT solutions
  • Selection and implementation of IT solutions, such as bookkeeping and consolidation software, and data room
  • Workshop with users to obtain “real life” feedback
  • Support in data migration between previous software and new software
  • Assistance in recruitment of finance team