Business Plan

Business Plan

Are you trying to start up a new business? Is your company already established and needs to craft a future for itself with hard information making its way into the document? You may just be talking or thinking in terms of a business plan. As Entrepreneur, your need to draw up the business plan which is a broad statement of formal goals of your company and how your company plans to achieve them.

Expectedly, the business plan will discuss both quantitative and qualitative goals of the company, in addition to the following:

Executive Summary

Vision, Mission, Core Values

Company Description

Products and Services

Marketing Plan


Industry Background

Market Analysis

Operational Plan

Management and Organization

Financial History & Analysis

Financial Plan

Risk Analysis & Mitigants



Business Plan is therefore required to clarify direction for the company, forecast a future for the business, attract finance, manage the company, attract team members, force thinking about the company(Where they are currently), Their competitions and how best to compete on a Win-win basis, their markets, marketing strategies, gain deeper understanding of their chosen market, confirm the financial viability of the business, forces the Entrepreneur to have SMART goals with benchmarks, focus on the value proposition and the message it is sending to its target market, provides a tools for the entrepreneur to hold himself accountable to be the sheer necessity to have documented goals, visions and strategy, a strategic tool to weed out unprofitable ideas even though technically feasible, support management of the Company and the mental stress of thinking through the entire business makes serves a fillip for success.


As an Entrepreneur, your business plan should be tailored to your target audience. It could be an Internal Audience or External Audience. It could be that you require the business plan to act as a roadmap to guide you in achieving your strategic goals.  Your company may just need to carry its team along and get them involved in drawing up the business plan to get them to have a buy-in to the goals of the company. Again, it could be a tool to pursue the company’s strategic goals or to introduce in greater details concepts like Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Just In Time Manufacturing, Customer Service or just a document to pursue new markets or new opportunities in the business environment.

In another vein, the need for the business plan could be to get external finance from the following group of persons: Financial Institutions, Development Finance Institutions, Private Equity Companies, Venture Capital, Business Loans from Corporate Bodies or Individuals, State Grants, Public-Private Partnership initiatives.



We help our client to write their business plans whether it is for internal use or external purpose. We help them to breathe life into their concepts, their thoughts. We work with them to create the business plan that represent their thinking. We also avoid running static financial models. We carry out sensitivity analysis of the business drivers and evaluate their impact on the outcomes of the business. Our experience cuts across industrial sectors: Agriculture, Mining & Quarrying, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Construction, Trade, Accommodation, Food Service, Transport & Warehousing, Information and Communication, Arts, Entertainment, Real Estate, Administrative, Support Services, Public Administration, Human Health & Social Services, Education, Financial & Insurance.

We have written business plan for the following type of Companies: Steel Plant, Gas Plant, Bakery, Cosmetic Manufacturing, Establishing of Hotel & Event Centre, Lottery, Water Bottling Plant, Road Transport Company, Fast Foods, Fire Extinguisher Plant, Fashion Shop, Supermarket Chains, Event Planning Company, Online Auto Spare Parts, Plastic Manufacturing, Tailoring/Fashion Design Company, Sports Marketing Company, Radio Broadcasting Company, TV Broadcasting Company, Catering Company, Insurance Company, Microfinance Bank, Telecommunications, Stockbrokerage & Assets Management Companies.




We know you value speed and we take seriously your engagement. We typically deliver in record 14days once we have all the information we need to write the plan. We can deliver to you anywhere in Nigeria. Although, we a business plan writing company in Lagos, we can deliver to you the hard and soft copy of the business plan in an editable form. The Microsoft Excel Softcopy on which we run your financial model will be made available to you such that you can easily change any of the business drivers without having to re-write the business plan altogether.

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