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Business Strategy Consulting Services in Nigeria

The consulting service industry’s inception dates back to the late 1800s marked by the emergence of the first modern consulting enterprises. As the 20th century unfolded, management consulting, initially centred around engineering and finance, progressively stepped into the stage of the world of business. Nevertheless, it was only during the 1930s that consulting firms expanded beyond their initial small-scale setups, growing in both personnel and scope.

As each new generation emerges, a compelling imperative arises: a profound need for an effective pathway of guaranteeing business success and results ensuring a consistent business trajectory of robust growth. In the world of commerce, growth is not a mere aspiration; it is an absolute necessity.

To abstain from growth is to forfeit the lifeblood of revenue generation, which, in turn, leads to an inability to remunerate your workforce. The stark diminishment of business viability, left unchecked, inevitably propels a business toward impending demise due to the inadequacy of labour to shoulder the operational load.

What is Business Strategy?

A business strategy encompasses all the choices made and steps taken by a company to realize its broader vision. Understanding the essence of a business strategy and executing it effectively can position enterprises as industry frontrunners. In simple terms, it serves as the fundamental framework for any enterprise, and inadequacies may lead to veering away from accomplishing business ambitions.

Undoubtedly, Qeeva Advisory Service is at the pinnacle of the consulting industry in Nigeria. We have professionals who are experts at offering an array of high-calibre services to their clientele. These encompass business unit strategy, business planning, commercial due diligence, business case formulation, organizational strategy, and pioneering business model innovation. In the realm of the public sector, strategic endeavours predominantly involve shaping public policy, orchestrating business cases and plans, and delivering strategic reinforcement for federal programs.

Who We Are?

Qeeva Advisory Limited is a Nigeria-based strategy consultancy that thrives on unleashing business potential through the crafting of strategies that foster sustainable growth.

With an extensive track record spanning over a decade, we have ignited growth across numerous enterprises, collaborating with some of the world’s most ambitious companies. As a specialized management consultancy and project management firm, we take immense pride in our endeavours that enhance productivity, streamline processes, and deliver added value.

Our team operates in close concert with clients, comprehending overarching objectives and formulating bespoke plans for implementing transformative changes that yield enduring outcomes.

Central to Qeeva Advisory’s essence is our adeptness at devising and executing uncomplicated resolutions for intricate predicaments. Our forte lies in harmonizing internal and external teams and constructing frameworks that render our clients’ aspirations within reach. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients, offering an invigorating perspective essential for pinpointing areas that necessitate change. Furthermore, our industry acumen enables us to methodically chart a course from vision to reality.

Inherent in our team’s trait is a heart of curiosity– we possess the finesse to pose the right questions at the opportune junctures, ensuring holistic consideration of all facets and alternatives. Throughout the process, we hold ourselves to the standard of producing concise slide decks that lucidly outline each project phase. These decks can be tailor-fit for presentation to any organizational tier.

We acknowledge that our greatest asset is the people we collaborate with, and we hold that every team boasts its unique attributes. By cultivating robust relationships with our clients, we catalyze the most effective joint efforts in achieving meaningful outcomes. Multifunctional collaboration to attain shared objectives is intrinsic to our modus operandi. Pioneering a comprehensive governance structure is second nature to us – one that ensures meticulous documentation and focus without burdening leadership and operational units.

Feedback from our clients underscores our commitment to clear and regular communication regarding project statuses. Our clients derive value from the time they regain for strategizing their next moves. In essence, our triumph translates to our clients’ triumph – a sentiment that has fostered enduring partnerships, where we are hailed as a reliable ally.

How Can We Help You?

We keep our ears open to:
• Your challenges and apprehensions.
• Ascertain your company’s present standing and future aspirations.
• Collaboratively devise a roadmap to realize your objectives.

We Carry out our Examination
Our journey commences with a meticulous examination of your business. We delve deep to unearth possibilities for enhancement and assess the alignment of your present culture with your aspirations. Subsequently, we lay forth a comprehensive blueprint for reshaping your business. This entails a panoramic evaluation of critical business dimensions, enabling us to pinpoint and measure the prospects for refinement. The culmination is a strategic roadmap designed to exert a tangible influence on your business’s bottom line.

We Bring Transformation to Your Business
Our modus operandi involves crafting and executing solutions in synergy with your workforce. We further facilitate the evolution and enrichment of your processes and organizational culture, resulting in substantial enhancements in performance and profitability. Collaborating closely with the process custodians, we design tailored solutions, subsequently aiding in their implementation alongside your team. This collaborative effort yields heightened efficiency, transparency, productivity, and ultimately, greater profitability.

We turn hopeless systems into productive ventures

Your Business Grows
Following implementation, our commitment extends throughout the period of initiation with meticulously planned touchpoints. These engagements are orchestrated to gauge the trajectory of enhancement and financial advantages, guaranteeing the sustenance of your growth journey.

Qeeva Advisory Business Strategy Consulting Services

Corporate Strategy:
Having a corporate strategy is necessary for business success. We help in defining long-term objectives and actions that can targetedly achieve your organizational goals.
Throughout our years of service, we excel in crafting comprehensive corporate strategies that align every facet of your business towards a unified vision. Our experience ensures holistic solutions that drive sustainable growth.

Digital Strategy:
We formulate plans for you to leverage digital technologies giving you a competitive advantage over your industry’s competitors. We adeptly help you navigate the digital landscape, devising strategies that harness technology’s potential. Our guidance ensures your digital transformation journey is strategic, seamless, impactful and above all, benefits your business positively.

Economic Policy:
We help businesses in efficiently crafting policies to guide economic activities and foster business growth. Our expertise extends to economic policy formulation, delivering insights that empower businesses to thrive within economic frameworks. Our strategic recommendations align your goals with macroeconomic trends.

Functional Strategy:
Developing strategies for specific functional areas like marketing or operations is our speciality. Our strategic prowess extends to functional strategies, tailoring approaches that optimize each operational facet. We align your functional strategies with overarching business objectives, yielding tangible outcomes.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A):
We play key advisory roles in mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and strategic partnerships.
Qeeva Advisory also excels in the intricate realm of M&A, providing insightful guidance for successful transactions. Our holistic approach ensures that every aspect, from due diligence to integration, is handled with precision.

Digital Strategy Consulting
Digital consulting is a dynamic field focused on digital strategies, automation, and technology implementation. In today’s evolving business landscape, digital consultants serve as transformation architects, designing strategies for sustainable growth.

At Qeeva Advisory, we specialize in identifying automation opportunities to enhance efficiency and integrate cutting-edge technologies to empower businesses.

Valuation, Business Modeling & Economics Consultation
At Qeeva Advisory, we extend our expertise to encompass Valuation, Modeling and economics. We recognize that strategic planning and pivotal transactions mark crucial junctures for businesses. Our role entails shepherding you through the intricacies of valuation and business modelling, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of their implications and how they resonate within your business landscape.

Financial Strategy
We have strategic consulting prowess tailored for a diverse spectrum of financial entities, including banks, insurers, asset managers, and pension funds. Our strategic insights are finely tuned to elevate operational efficiency and financial performance.

At Qeeva Advisory Limited, our strategic consulting extends across these pivotal sectors, offering tailored insights that catalyze growth, transformation, and excellence.

Our expertise extends further through our strategic consulting offerings in the following domains:
Strategy services:
– Organizational or divisional strategy
– Industry or governmental policy strategy
– Creating strategic documents
– Orchestrating strategy workshops
– Uncovering alternative options
– Establishing valuation benchmarks
– Evaluating alternative endeavours
– Strategies for augmenting revenue
– Formulating implementation blueprints
– Thorough assessment of potential acquisitions

Market Entry Services:
– Analysis of competition
– Assessment of market dynamics
– Selection of optimal entry markets
– Establishment of brand stance
– Crafting novel approaches for market entry (encompassing method delineation and business case computation)
– Arrangement of field surveys and market exploration expeditions
– Preliminary product assessments within international markets
– Forging alliances and facilitating network expansion across foreign territories
– Advancement into new markets.

Organization Strategy:
Services for Organizational Structure and Corporate Culture:
– Defining alternate structures for the organization
– Allocation of responsibilities across business units
– Offering guidance on centralizing functions
– Crafting comprehensive job profiles
– Formulating strategic Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) (e.g., based on Balanced Scorecard)
– Outlining a monitoring framework extending to individual team members
– Aligning KPIs with compensation mechanisms
– Devising a comprehensive reporting package
– Mapping and streamlining processes
– Charting out SIPOC procedures
– Creating a framework for an organizational process model
– Facilitating collaborative process mapping sessions
– Model development.
– Documenting incremental enhancements.

Change Management Solutions:
– Project Design and Establishment
– Formulation of Employee Training Blueprint
– Enhancement of Workforce Proficiency Initiatives
– Holistic Cost Minimization Initiative
– Evaluation of Fundamental Business Operations (e.g., leveraging LEAN, Six-Sigma methodologies)
– Streamlining Procurement Processes
– Reorganization and Consolidation of Support Functions

We will empower your business or organization to thrive amid dynamic market landscapes, enhance decision-making, and cultivate an agile environment primed for your business’ future successes.

Our WorkFlow

Step 1: Gaining an Edge in Competitiveness by Understanding the Competition
– Evaluating and Analyzing Competitors
– Strategic Competitor Simulation
– Prioritizing Customer Needs

Step 2: Crafting Plans for Growth and Expansion
– Create a Corporate Strategy
– Clarifying your brand’s Mission
– Managing Portfolio Strategies
– Market Entry Strategies

Step 3: Strategies for Marketing and Sales
– Distinctive Value Offering
– Transforming Strategy into Implementation
– Optimal Operational Framework
– Efficient Execution of Strategic Programs
– Defined Goals and Essential Outcomes

Step 4: Navigating and Quantifying Future Possibilities
-Identifying and Evaluating Opportunities
– Strategic Scenario Development

Why We Exist?

At the core of our existence lies the mission to amplify the value of businesses and brands by nurturing sustainable expansion. Powered by our pioneering Sustainable Growth rating, we have succeeded in unravelling and deciphering the fundamental behaviours that serve as the bedrock for enduring, sustainable growth in business.

If you’re deeply committed to elevating your business to new heights and if you’re serious about embarking on this journey, Qeeva Advisory Limited is always ready to transform your aspirations into reality.

Why Work with Us at Qeeva Advisory Consulting Services

With a rich tapestry of experience and an unwavering dedication to strategic excellence, Qeeva Advisory Limited stands as a guiding beacon for businesses seeking to realize their growth potential. Our multifaceted approach, rooted in comprehensive analyses and innovative solutions, perfectly aligns with the ethos of sustainable growth. By partnering with Qeeva Advisory Limited, you not only tap into a wealth of industry insight but also harness a committed ally that shares your fervour for substantial and lasting progress of the business venture.

Above all, our most distinguishing feature is our unequivocal commitment to the optimum satisfaction of our customers’ and clients’ needs.

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