Company Registration

Company Registration in Nigeria

In Nigeria, the following are the basic forms of registering a company in Nigeria:

Registration of Business Name

Sole Proprietorship. A Sole Proprietorship is one individual or married couple in business alone. Partnerships,

Incorporation of Companies (Private or Public Company, Limited by guarantee)


Basically, four types of companies are recognized for business ventures in Nigeria, namely:

  • Private Limited Company (LTD)
  • Public Limited Company (PLC)
  • Companies limited by guarantee and
  • Unlimited Companies.
  1. Registration of Business Names

On the Corporate Affairs Commission Website:, Click Online Registration Menu

Comoany Registration

You will find the above screenshot, proceed to Create Account or Sign In for an existing user.

Enter the two Company Names, Click Proceed, Enter the Nature of the Business and, make payment for the name Reservation with your ATM Card. In most cases, within 6hours the name search feedback will be available to you.

Proceed to the Registration Menu here, enter the Availability Code to proceed, you will see the window to Proceed to Submit the duly completed statutory forms, enter the company’s Proprietor Names, Address, Nature of Business and Submit and make payment online with your ATM Card.

Upon Receipt of the submitted application, download it, sign it off, attach passport Photographs, Scan the document to PDF.

Furthermore, get back to

Click Document Upload, the following window opens up:

Enter Availability Code, Select the Originating Office you plan to pick the Certificate, Tick Captcha and click begin.

You may attach and submit the following document:

Application Form containing Passport Photo of the Proprietor

Valid Means of Identification

Wait for your Certificate in 48hours!

Individual/Proprietors can register business names without the services of the legal practitioner, Chartered Accountant or Chartered Secretary.


  1. Registration of Companies in Nigeria

Engage a Chartered Accountants or Lawyer or Company Secretary to check for the      availability of the proposed company name with the Corporate Affairs Commission. We recommend you suggest at least 2 names that are acceptable.

If the name is approved, Corporate Affairs Commission will reserve it for 60days and if not approve a notice of denial will be issued by the Commission.

Like Business Name Registration the Availability Code is enter


The Company is chosen to Proceed. You enter the availability Code. Then Click Proceed, the Application Form will be opened, all the content of the Memorandum and Articles of Association (MEMART) of the proposed Company  which has been  drawn up by the consultant with input from the client, stating the objects of the company, that the company is a private limited liability company and its authorized share capital in not more than one page. Similarly, the names of the subscribers to the MEMART, their full names, description, addresses and number of shares taken up, the Company Secretary and a Declaration of Compliance by a Legal Practitioner with his details filed, Registered Address, Statement of Share Capital, Particulars of First Directors.  These are entered therein. The online application form replaced:

a  Form CAC 3, Notice of registered address;
c. Form CAC 7, Particulars of directors;
d. Form CAC 4, Declaration of compliance and the prescribed registration fees;
f. Form CAC 2, Statement of share capital and return of allotment of shares(2)

You proceed to make payment for Stamp Duty will be paid at the Federal Inland Revenue Service-Stamp Duties online and also filing fees to Corporate Affairs Commission. The Duty payable is dependent of the authorized share capital of the company.

The Stamped copies of The MEMART will come as a PDF Document which will now be downloaded, signed off by the Directors, Company Secretary, Legal Practitioner. The Document is then Scanned to PDF again.

The Consultant will proceed to Upload the Scanned Application Form with the Memorandum and Articles of Association, Valid Means of ID’s of the Directors, Company Secretary (This must be Scanned as a single file), Evidence of Name Availability, Payment to Corporate Affairs Commission, Stamp Duty.

In 48hours -72hours, you obtain a feedback on the approval, you proceed to Corporate Affairs Commission with Originals of all Scanned Document uploaded earlier to collect Certificate of Incorporation and Application Form


Further information and possible engagement, please reach us at

Call:+2348023200801, 8075765799

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