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Qeeva Advisory sees consulting as the provision of business solutions to company requiring the knowledge of experts. We believe that consulting services require the consultant to offer best advise to the circumstances of the client. Consulting services therefore involves solving third party problems of finance, operations, sales and marketing, human resources and its various subunits.

Consultants must therefore view their customers as partners, providing them with options to solve problems that they must deal with in course of the business.

In offering our consulting services, we help you to define the problems, outline the goals, the expected outcomes. We then create the solution that is tailored to meet your needs so that you

Our Consulting Services:

Business Planning

We offer business planning services to align your short term goals with your long term goals. We work with you to forecast and envision the desirable future state taking into cognizance where you are as at date and the drivers of success. Our consulting service team members will work with you on most complex situations deploying design thinking methodology in crafting solutions to your business. Whether you require a business plan for day to day management of your business, access capital from lenders, grant-making bodies or new equity investors, our team will assure you get the best.

We provide unrivaled experience, expertise, and industry intelligence.

Risk Consulting

Qeeva’s  Advisory ‘s Consulting Services provide the experience, expertise and industry intelligence to help you better identify,  assess, measure, your risk and prioritization of risk utilizing tools to reduce the chances of the risk occurring and minizing its impact

Our risk consulting practice covers:

Compliance – the threat posed to an organisation’s earnings or capital as a result of violation or non-conformance with laws or prescribed practices

Forensic – risks -This is a risk related to reputational damage and commercial loss, with forensic accounting techniques to ultimately resolve commercial disputes, fraud and misconduct

Operational risk – This is the risk of loss resulting from weak, inadequate or failed internal control processes, people and systems or from external events

Social Responsibility Risk: This is the risk that a company’s business activities will harm its workers or the people in the communities where they operate.


OHS / WHS – Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) This is the  risks associated with the safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work or employment exist. Sound Risk Management practices can help.

Regulatory – the threat posed to an organization’s earnings or capital as a result of violation or non-conformance with the regulatory environment that the organisation operates in. This includes compliance with environmental laws, tax laws, employment laws, pension laws.

Security – risks related to the harm caused by deliberate acts to an organisation’s assets


Service Strategy Consulting

Superior services is about giving customers differentiated services. It means that organizations that plans to excel in customer service must be one with culture that promotes services. If it does exists, it has to be created. Customer relationship has to be properly managed. Service excellence means that the organization must constant seek improvement in its improvement in people, systems and processes. At Qeeva, our consulting service methodology requires that we  define, measure, innovate, train and sustain for results.

We offer the expert consulting service in service delivery. We help you to bridge the gap between the service delivery goals and your specified business outcomes. We offer customer service training to keep the focus in your organization.

Our role is to guide you and assist you in the development of an effective, sustainable service quality improvement initiative and to provide the tools and training necessary to sustain consistent superior service delivery. We are your catalyst for change!

We provide advisory in the development of an effective, sustainable, quality improvement initiative. We also offer tools and training to guarantee that service outcomes meets plans.

Strategy Workshop Facilitation

We work with our clients to formulate their strategic objectives, measures, targets and initiates to get results. We understand that responsible managers may be bogged down with day to day activities and have little time for strategy. That is where we come in, as your external facilitators, we focus on you, ask you questions, listen, help to bring ideas together, remain detached in the process.

You will have your strategic objectives well defined, mission, vision defined or refined, strategic priority and results. In the process, we will craft SWOTS, targets, forecast etc. The sessions will be structured. You will be offered opportunity to exercise responsibility.

Our engagements are outcome-oriented; our approach to workshop preparation and delivery will help to ensure that your workshop meets your objectives.

We focus on the outcome. We prepare and make our commitment to you that you will experience passion, new ideas working with our team.


Business Process Analysis

Business process analysis (BPA) is the analysis of various business operations classified into processes, or series’ of related tasks, where observation revolves around the specific ways in which these processes happen along a life cycle from beginning to end. Because a business process consists of a series of related tasks or events with a particular end objective, business process analysis uses various tools and methodologies to look at these processes in a variety of ways, and to monitor efficiency, productivity and more. Taken from

Our experts review your current processes using proven tools and methodologies. We identify and prioritize where you can improve to gain efficiencies in your business.

Our team of consultants will review your current business processes using proven tools and methodologies, identify areas for improvement and gain efficiencies

Roadmap Creation

You have a product you plan to introduce to the market. You do not jump into it. You require help in agreeing the best approach to implement your product for maximum outcome. Our product roadmap creation involves defining mission, product strategy, product roadmap, business model, assign timeframes, tailoring roadmaps to stakeholders, create visual product map,have different versions, share the product map, We create a detailed plan of implementation that prioritizes our products and solutions for maximum benefit and business outcomes.

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