Debt and Equity Sourcing

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Financial Advisory/Fund Raising Service

We support our client in its efforts to access finance from possible financiers.

Similarly, we offer to work with you to develop bankable business plans,  feasibility studies, loan sourcing,corporate strategy and marketing plans

We are business plan, financial planning service and support company in Nigeria. Our bespoke business plans, placement memorandum, investments pitches to third parties on behalf of our clients have been most rewarding and have put smiles on our clients face. We follow them through the whole hog to ensure that they get results of their fund raising efforts. In some case,we also propose to support in making applications to banks, providing requisite information memorandum for your company and further support till the consummation of a deal We take meeting, presentation, help them to be in a position  for due diligence to be conducted on them by financiers. Where they are the selling party, we also support them in preparing for due diligence by potential buyers. We have handled divestment which freed up cash for our clients to drive their businesses.

We are the trusted name as Business Plan Service Providers in Nigeria or as Financial Advisers helping in any fund raising or sourcing endeavour in Nigeria.