Qeeva Advisory Limited offers customized, tailored credit management, debt collection, debt recovery and Credit Management Training and Implementation services for our Client.

Our Services include Debtor Tracing, Investigations, Field Calls and Recovery through the Law Courts. Our Debt Recovery Agents have over 80 years combined experience to support your debt recovery efforts and increasing your cash flows.

We work with entities all over the world to recovery debt owed them using our specialist debt recovery agents guaranteeing success.

We understand your need for results, provide you with update report of progress made to assure of results.

We also help you to implement a Credit Management Programme to reduce the incidences of past due debts while you grow your revenues and assure of steady cash flows. Our methods of recovery allows you to maintain relationship with your customers when you still need them and can also change to be more stricter of you are done with such debtor

Recovery past due debt today, contact us on +234 8023200801, 08075765799 or email: info@qeeva.com, www.qeeva.com

Our Clients:

Our Clients include Small and Medium Businesses, Private Limited Liability Companies, Public Limited Liability Companies, Financial Institutions, Banks, Government Agencies, Commercial Enterprises. Our happy clients includes banks, Manufacturing Companies, Mortgage Companies, Pay Day Loan Companies, Management and Human Resources Consultancies, Money Lending Companies and the like


We operate on “No recovery, No Fees basis”

We believe in our efforts to yield results.

Why Us:

Professionalism and Quality

No recovery, No Fees basis

No upfront payments

Ethical Recovery Processes


Nationwide Coverage

Personal service – providing successful mediation,

Dispute resolution Skills

Astute Negotiation Skills

Instalment Planning

Quality Consultation

Reasonable Fees

Focus on Revenue via Commission on Debt Recovered as opposed to Revenue generated from legal action and billing


Our Debt Recovery Processes

We are professional and ethical. We write letters, make phone calls. If the debtor does not cooperate with resolving the debt, we update the client with details on forwarding the claim to our affiliated lawyers.

We send the Claim signed by our Client to our affiliated lawyers, and if our lawyers recommend legal action, we request all document required for legal action.

If Client approves legal action and provides legal documentation for the action, the lawsuit is prepared and filed. The Client pays for the Cost of the Legal Action

Client Complaint is served on Debtors and respondent. If the Debtors files a response, the discovery process begins and a trial date fixed. If the debtor fails to respond, a default judgement is filed by our lawyers

If we get judgment, our lawyers will file a Writ of Attachment or Levy Execution, attempt to locate debtors’ assets and initiate steps to enforce the judgment through bank levies, garnishee orders , liens etc.

We try to do Early Out Settlement, Negotiate, Mediate or Arbitrate on your behalf to get results of obtaining Cash or collateral on your behalf to avoid the time consuming and costly legal option. However, as stated earlier when re-legal remedies and pre-legal collections fail, we discuss legal action with you.

In such cases, we make you pay for statutory filing fees (Court only) for Lagos and in other Cases where we may have to travel outside Lagos, you pay for Filing Fees, Accommodation and Transport Only. We do not Collect Court Appearance Fees, but will only collect our fees when we win.

Our team of Legal Experts have experience with Court processes to minimize legal costs for you.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer a wide and diverse range of services to aid you in your debt collection needs. As well as having a dedicated legal department we also offer comprehensive tracing and site visit services.

At Qeeva, we offer Credit Management Advisory to help our customers with management of credits, ensuring that debtors pay their debts in line with agreed terms and conditions. Our Policies and Procedures helps our Clients to avoid late payment or non-payment. We work with our Client to get it right. Our Clients financial or liquidity position is enhanced.

To us Credit Management is  gaining a thorough examination and process of detecting possible reasons of non-payment, perhaps even whether a solution or product was not delivered and even as far as the invoicing containing discrepancies.

Our Credit Management Process involves:

Determining the customer’s credit rating or scoring in advance

Regular scanning and monitoring customers account position for credit risks

Maintaining responsive customer relations

Having an alarm system to detect late payments in advance

Detecting complaints in due time

Improving the Days Sales Outstanding

Minimizing or reducing incidence of bad debts


How Credit are Created

Determine Credit Creation Goal

Customers profiled for Credit

Customers to review their accounts

Which Customer to drop or retain

Policy & Procedure in Place

Invoice Processing Procedure

Details of Invoice

Timing of reminders on phone

Timing of demand notice in writing

Content of Demand Notice

Timing to outsource debt recovery

Timing to go to Court

Employee roles in Debt Collection & Debt Recovery

Decision to use own staff or Outsiders

Which systems will you require?

What system to deploy to track customer payment history in credit management

Credit Risk Acceptance Criteria: This process can be automated or manual with senior management input. Risk scoring and rating will be important

Account Payment tracking:  This should be embedded to provide regular feedback on customers and suppliers.

Invoice Processing System: Will it be a manual process or triggered automatically? When will reminders be sent on past due invoices

Accounting Recording: System should be able to capture all receivable and payables. This should readily provide guidance on cashflow and risk of defaults

CRM system: The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system lists information relating to agreements, contact and contracts with customers. Complaints can also be processed in this system, for better insight into the background of non-payment.

Customer Relationship Management System(CRM): The is the use of a CRM Software to capture information on customers, contracts, sales agreement, complaints, customer payment habits for decision making.

Automating receivables management

By automating your credit management, all previously mentioned systems can be interlinked. This leads to a more efficient work flow and to greater insight as it allows for easily generating cash flow and customer reports.

Using Technology to Automate Debtor Management

When a Company deploys Technology, it is able to access more information for timely decision making which has the impact of reducing debtors not paying on due date, increasing the percentage that pays on due date.

Implement Credit Management today, contact us on +234 8023200801, 08075765799 or email: info@qeeva.com, www.qeeva.com


Credit Management Training

This course provides participants with a reasons for credit management, credit policy, credit assessment. Credit collection processes, effectively use credit for results with minimal bad debts while maximizing profits and cashflows.  We will utilize real-world examples, case studies, exercise, and checklists so that candidates will understand the more complex issues in credit management and collections.

            COURSE CONTENT

Introducing Credit and Its impacts

Why you need Credit managements

Credit Assessment Policy

Credit Policy Framework

Grading customers for on-going risk assessment

Credit Limit Review/ Setting credit limits, credit lines and credit ratings

On-going Risk Assessment

Why and how businesses fail

Understanding company accounts

Making credit decisions on new businesses

Why and how businesses fail

Spotting warning signs

How to reduce the risk of late payment?

Collection Policy

Debt Collection Agencies

Legal Action.

Train, equip your team with appropriate credit management knowledge today, contact us on +234 8023200801, 08075765799 or email: info@qeeva.com, www.qeeva.com