General Business ConsultingGeneral Business Consulting

Qeeva Advisory Limited offers General Business Consulting Services to its Clients in various industrial sectors. We provide extensive coverage and deploy our specialist experience and knowledge in a wide range of commercial activities to support your business on an on-going basis.

General Business Consulting Services: Our Accounting and Finance services include:

·         Record-keeping and book-keeping systems (e.g. sales book, receipt book, cash book, general ledger, trial balance)
·         Financial statements and reports (e.g. profit and loss statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flow)
·         Calculating tax payments and filing returns (e.g. tax liabilities owed to Federal Inland Revenue Services)
·         Auditing of financial accounts (e.g. accounting records, procedures, controls)
·         Budgeting (e.g. creating budgets, comparing actuals with forecasts, budgetary controls)
·         Cost analysis and cost management
·         Financial analysis and planning (e.g. financial ratio computations, feasibility studies, investment strategies)
·         Accessing and managing finances (e.g. bank loan applications, restructuring debt, renegotiating terms and rates, investor meetings and presentations)
·         Risk and internal control systems
·         Business registration and incorporation


General Business Consulting: Sales & Marketing Offering

  • Market research (e.g. existing or potential customers, competitors, suppliers)
  • Analysis of products/services (e.g. pricing, demand forecasting, margins, profitability, break-even, new entry or market launch studies)
  • Product/service development (e.g. creating new offerings, improving current offerings, adding new features, expanding functionality)
  • Packaging improvements (e.g. changes to materials, content or designs to raise appeal)
  • Marketing campaigns and promotional materials (e.g. advertisements, flyers, coupons, in-store demonstrations, product samples, road shows, showcase events)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) system (e.g. recording customer contact information, purchases, and other details in a paper/computer database)
  • Professional salesforce and sales approach (e.g. building a dedicated team of sales agents, assessing needs, checking post-purchase satisfaction, cold-calling, door-to-door selling)
  • Business website: developing an informational (e.g. customers can learn about offerings) or transactional (e.g. customers can order online) website for the company
  • E-Commerce: selling products/services through a third-party platform (e.g. Jiji, Cheki, Konga, Jumia, OLX)
  • Digital marketing: using social media channels (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat)



General Business Consulting:  Our Human Capital Services Offering
·         Organizational Growth Plan development and writing
·         Needs assessment (e.g. advising on skill gaps, functional expertise requirements, sequencing of new staff hires)
·         Writing job descriptions (or terms of reference) for recruiting a new employee
·         Advertising a job/staff position online or through printed materials (including filling and managing a database of job-seekers)
·         Reviewing applications, screening CVs and shortlisting job candidates for a given job/staff position
·         Interviewing job candidates and evaluating fit (as well as making final recommendations for the client’s consideration)
·         Writing an employee appointment letter or employment contract (for the client to use when they hire a new worker)
·         Monitoring performance (of a newly hired employee) and resolving disputes
·         Setting up and implementing human resources methods (payroll structures, reward systems, performance review of staff, management structure of the firm)
·         Designing and implementing training programs for staff (e.g. on the job training, in-class courses, coaching of managers or leaders, corporate retreats)


General Business Consulting: Ancillary Service Offering by Qeeva includes:

  • Business Plan development and writing
  • Strategy formulation and advising on business opportunities
  • Advising on regulations and policies
  • Advising on importing or exporting steps (e.g. rules, procedures, resources)
  • Evaluating and selecting suppliers or sources of raw materials
  • Stock and inventory management systems
  • Improving the performance of the production processes (e.g. reduction of costs and inputs, increased efficiency and time savings)
  • Expanding production capacity (e.g. introducing new/different equipment, facilities or technologies to be able to produce more output)
  • Setting up computer systems or IT solutions to modernize day-to-day running of business operations
  • Implementing electronic payment systems or digital transactions, such as mobile money options (e.g. Quickteller, PAGA e-pay, eaZy Money) or in-store POS technology (e.g. sales via debit or credit cards)
  • General Business Consulting:
  • Accounting and Auditing Services
  • Income Tax Services
  • Peer Review Services
  • Personal Financial Planning and Consulting
  • Small Business Accounting and Payroll Services
  • Marketing Strategy & Selling
  • Policies & Procedure Manual Preparation, updates
  • New Market Development
  • Finance Optimization
  • Risk Management
  • Working Capital Management
  • Company Formation, Company Secretarial Services
  • Insolvency & Corporate Reengineering
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Debt Recovery
  • Internal & Financial Controls
  • External Chief Finance Officer
  • Online Marketing Advisory
  • Customer Service
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Human Resources Management
  • Executive Search
  • Outsourcing of staff

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