Executive Search Services

We are your professional head hunter. We have a database of experienced professionals. Where we do not have them, we work with you to do a search for qualified staff vide newspaper publication and other recruitment sources. Our executive search service draws from our network of contacts.

Our executive search methodology ensures that our client gets the right type of staff to fill vacancies or meet their expansion plans.

Talent Acquisition

Executive Search

We are your strategic partner in executive selection. We help you in searching for the best human capital that aligns with your growth plans.

Candidate Selection Assessment

We can support you with tools and methods to help you evaluate candidates for Skills, Capabilities & Character

Background Checks/Verification Services:

We offer background check, certificate and credential verification. We follow up on references supplied by candidate to confirm their suitability. We support your hiring and retention work.

Employee Orientation

We can work with you to design an Orientation Programme for new employees for the following benefits: reduced learning cost, anxiety, employee turnover, reduced supervision time, increased job expectation.

Employee On-boarding

We provide On-boarding support to our client to retain their talents. This ensures that the new hire settle-in to their new jobs with confidence which will support their desire to stay with the new company.

Talent Management

Job Analysis & Job Description


Jobs are analyzed to identify the requirements needed for employees to be successful on the job – helping both the employer and the employee. Our Job Analysis tools Net model, PAQ model, FJA model, F-JAS model and competency model that can be deployed to advise you on competency and attributes to fill a vacancy.

We work with our client describe the jobs that are to be performed by their employees. In doing this we also agree on measure key performance indicator on each job which forms part of their performance appraisal system.

We help our client:

  • Define the jobs for performance planning, transfer, promotion, staff planning, career, and succession planning accommodation purposes
  • Use standard formats that allow for consistent application
  • Give employees written definitions of their jobs
  • Provide reliable sources for compensation plan design and establishing internal equity
  • Help organizations move swiftly to increase or replace staff due to increased business or turnover
  • Help those responsible for work flow to perform systematic analyses of organizations’ work processes from start to finish

Assist in meeting important compliance obligations.

Job Evaluation Services

Job evaluation is a systematic process of determining the relative value of various jobs within an organization, and assigning jobs to a hierarchical index of job value. Effective job evaluation enables an organization to:

  • Provide fair pay to its employees
  • Attract and retain its needed talent
  • Identify duplication of tasks and gaps between jobs and function allowing it to make strategic alignment decisions
  • Identify qualification requirements
  • Place jobs in salary structures
  • Maintain internal equity.
  • We provide unbiased, holistic approach to evaluation of an organization’s jobs. As outsiders we take a firm position


Compensations/Salary Surveys and Benchmark

As major human resources consultants, we follow industry trends, spot changes and advise our clients on employee rights, welfare packages, salary levels and compensation policies. We assure that you do not loose talent to your competition because of compensation


Performance Management Systems

We know that organizations performance determines how far it can go to achieve its objectives. The measurement of employee performance therefore becomes key to unlocking the organizations goals. We plan, design and recommend for implementation performance measurement and appraisal systems that provides valid basis for employee performance.

Our Performance Improvement offering helps you attain increased performance by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your company’s key business operations. Using our deep understanding of finance, risk management/compliance, IT systems, operations and human resources, we help our clients identify and implement cost saving initiatives, improve management and control, identify and manage risk and improve quality. We also use our proven experience and expertise to provide hands-on assistance to improve financial under-performance and cash-flow management.


Training Design, Development, Delivery & Evaluation

We support our client with development and training of their human capital in other to achieve their strategic goals. Our faculty members are seasoned and we design training programme to cover HR, Leadership, Finance, Risk, Customer Service, Operations Improvement, and the like. Our training programme can be delivered at our client location or at our external training locations and customized to suit our client requirement.


Learning and Development

Our faculty delivers training needs of our clients that are generic, function specific, career planning and for leadership levels.

Some of our training includes Accounting, Taxation, Sales, Leadership, Strategy, Quality Control, Safety, and Performance Improvement Personal Development


Human Capital Outsourcing/Outplacement

We provide our clients with human capital that possess the skills and experience to man posts that are not in their core-business relevant for them to add value to our clients business


Human Capital Organization

We help company’s set up functional human resources unit, plan their organizational structure, develop job descriptions and implement best human resources practices.


  • HR Policies and Procedures
  • Remuneration and Benefits Programs
  • HR Audits and Reviews
  • Expatriate’s cultural preparation training before expatriation in Africa
  • Expatriate Management (Rosters, Employment Contracts, Remuneration, Job Descriptions)
  • Site and Corporate Generalist
  • HR Support


Training & Mentoring Services

We are a Training and Human Capital Firm in Nigeria with experience in supporting the development of their human capital for leadership, growth, deliver on targets and improve performance.

We position your employees not only to be motivated, be equipped with skills and knowledge required to excel in their jobs. Our training have been touted to improve productivity, improve teams

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