The trade or market between businesses and organizations in different countries is expanding and doing business internationally comes with a lot of risks, one of the notable risk involved is the risk of non-payment. Whenever such risks happen, it is advisable to make use of our services at Qeeva Advisory Limited as we have the knowledge, resources, years of experience and experts that will ensure he payment of the amount owed by your debtors

An international debt recovery happens when our client’s business partners still owes you a particular sum for the goods you sold or the services that you have rendered. An international debt can also be known as a cross border debt.


International debt collection process can be divided into international consumer debt collection deals with the recovery of individual debts and the international commercial debt collection which is also known as the business to business transaction deals with the collection of debts from business organizations.  The following are the types of international debt collection:

First party international debt recovery

The first party international debt recovery operates within the creditor’s company and is a part of the internal departments of the organization. They are not considered as valid collection agents or agencies as they recover debts on behalf of their organization only. These individuals do not have the power or the right to charge the debtor an interest. In this case, the company will have a department that will only be specialised in the collection of debts because the organization has the time and can afford to spend resources in order to recover the debts owed successfully

Third party international debt recovery

The third party international debt recovery is very common among international debt recovery agents. These agents perform the debt recovery process on behalf of a particular creditor individual or an organization but they are part of the organization of the creditors. These agents are outsourced. The third party international debt recovery agents charge a commission fee for the services that they render. ‘

Qeeva Advisory Limited is an example of a third party international debt recovery agent. Most of the debts that these agents recover has been specified by the creditors as written off or difficult to collect. Hiring third party international debt recovery agents will allow the creditor individual or company to focus on other relevant activities of the organization while the agents work on successfully recovering the debts.

International debt buyers

International debt buyers deal in the purchase of default profiles for a part of the amount owed from the original creditor. The international debt buyers proceed to becoming the new debt owners and they also have the access and the right to receive amounts if the debt is paid


Dealing with an international debt recovery process can be divided into two categories. These two categories are known as the extrajudicial and the judicial phase.

The extrajudicial phase deals with collecting payment on behalf of a client without the use of a legal action or court proceedings. But in the case where the debtor doesn’t pay, we can then proceed to the judicial phase. This can also be called the pre-court phase

The court proceeding or legal action will be necessary at this point and we will use our affiliated lawyers to aid your cause. The legal action and other administrative costs will be borne by you. The court process is a tasking one and this is why you must rely on our services and expertise. We provide specialists and debt solicitors that has experience dealing in the country and also speaks their languages. This can also be called the in course phase


In dealing with international debt recovery, there are certain laws that pertain to different countries. This is why it is challenging and complicated. There are two legal methods that can implemented when making a foreign claim. They are the

European order for payment

This legal procedure is used when a client has a claim that is more than €5,000.  A standard form will be filled which will later be sent to the court before the court will make a judgement on the case. During the court process, we will aid in providing the best attorneys that will ensure that the case favours our client

European small claims procedure

This legal procedure is used when a claim when is less than €5,000. A standard form will be also be  filled for the European small claims which will later be sent to the court before the court will make a judgement on the case.

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At Qeeva Advisory Limited, we have lawyers, debt recovery specialists, chartered bankers and accountants that have extensive knowledge on international debt recovery pertaining to different countries.  At Bulls Capital Limited, there is no border in the world that can limit our services to our clients. In the case where you have an unpaid invoice from an international debtor, we will help you to resolve your case. Our specialization at Bulls Capital Limited deals with international debt recovery and we will aid you in with your foreign debt collection because our border knows no limit.


Our processes in the debt recovery process includes the following:

We contact the debtors through telephone calls and emails. This will ensure that proper communication is made with the debtors as we provide specific details to them

Our team of professionals and experts visits the debtor in the country and implement various strategies in order to acquire the debt that is owed

We proceed to using the legal structure and different strategies to obtain payment from the debtor

We try as much as possible to keep the debtor under continuous pressure to repay until the end and which in some of our cases have taken between 1 to 3years to finalize and recover

The debtor may not readily have cash available to pay back your debt. This is why we will create a structure or a schedule that will ensure that the payment is made. We will also monitor the payment process and apply consistent pressure until the debt is fully paid. This is also known as a repayment schedule

In the case where the debtor is unable to pay the debt. We might proceed to leveraging on the debtor’s asset profile. These are financial tools that can be leveraged from the debtor’s profile.


The following are the industries we have rendered our international debt recovery services in Europe:

  • Manufacturers
  • Service Providers
  • ICT
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Government agencies
  • Health Care
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Professional & Technical Services
  • Utilities
  • Entertainment
  • Market
  • Construction
  • Power
  • Agriculture
  • Transport
  • Trade: Import & Exports


High success rate and increased customers transactions

At Qeeva Advisory Limited, a high percentage of the international debt recovery cases in Europe are successful. This is because we strategize properly and make use of our vast experience as well as our highly competent partners, lawyers, chartered accountant and bankers

Global coverage with successful collections in 60 countries

We have an extensive reach in over 60 countries worldwide, our international debt recovery services is not hampered or limited by geographical location and languages as we have partners present in different countries. As an international collection agency, we have debt collection partners in every major country on every continent

Low costs

Our price is cost effective and we don’t collect any particular commission until the debts are recovered successfully. Although you will bear the cost of the legal action and other little administrative costs such as transportation

Experienced and skilled personnel

We have at our disposal Ex-bankers, Debt Recovery Experts, strategists, Communication experts and backed with an ample team of Affiliate Law Firm.

We have over 78 years combined experience in dealing with international debt recovery in Europe.

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Regular updates

Throughout the international debt recovery process, we will regularly provide you with detailed information and reports on the bad debts progress

No upfront charges

We do not receive any upfront fee from our clients. The only payment you will make is for the legal action.

The majority of our debts collected are without the need for legal action

We also try to ensure that if there is another possible means that will not lead to a court procedure, we will maximise it.

Low legal fees and fixed fee litigation where legal action is appropriate

As the case may be, if there is a need for a legal action which you will pay for, we will provide quality legal fees at a low cost and also a fixed litigation fee

Knowledge on debt collection methods and local laws of different countries

Different countries have their own rules and regulation guiding the debt recovery process. This is why we have partners and lawyers specialised in this process in different European countries

Knowledge on the payment behaviour of debtors and business culture

Apart from the rules and regulation that are guiding different European countries being different, the payment behaviour and the business culture also varies. This is why we have skilled and experienced lawyers and debt recovery specialists that know how to deal with debtors in different countries and the best strategy that works against them


Why should we engage Qeeva Advisory Limited?

We are Professional, Result-driven, ethical, dependable, client-focused, experienced, knowledgeable in Law, Commerce and Relationship Management.

What does it cost to engage us?

No upfront fees. We work on the principle of No Recovery, No fees. Our Client only bear Cost of Filing a Matter in Court. No Court appearance fees. We believe in recovering the debt. You don’t bear unnecessary legal cost should litigation recommended as an option to recover is accepted by you

What is the minimum no of account do you accept?

We have no minimum no of account receivable for us to recover

What is the minimum debt size?

₦1,000,000 or USD Equivalent

What type of debt do you accept?

We accept all types of debt

How long will your pre-legal recovery efforts take?

It depends on the case and situation of the debtor. The extent to which he is willing to settle the debt, admittance of the debt, disagree with the amounts owed, the financial situation of the debtor

What is your Debt Recovery Process?

Demand Letters, Reminders, Phone Calls, and Personal Visit on schedule, Memorandum of Settlement, Litigation & Enforcement of Judgments.

What is the Age of Debts you accept?

We accept debts not older than 6years.

Do you provide Field Services?

We hold schedule meetings at times convenient with the Debtors. No field agents.

Is Documentation needed?

Yes. We require documentation to be able to know how to negotiate with the debtor, the nature of the debt, be put in position to get the debtor to admit the debt

What type of Documentation do I need?

Invoices, Delivery Notes/Waybill, Statement of Account, Work Orders, Purchasing Order, Letters of Awards of Contracts, Agreements, Offer and Acceptance of Loans, Evidence of payments made, email correspondence, records of phone calls, SMS Chats, demand notices, admittance by the debtors of the debts , undertakings, promissory notes, dishonoured cheques, etc. and also evidence that support the claim.

Do you offer Litigation Services if Pre-legal action fails to compel repayment of the debt?

Yes, we do in affiliation with a team of Legal Practitioners who work with us to deliver this service. Gainfully, no fees are paid for Court appearances.

Are collection fees legal to be added to the balance owed for both consumer and or commercial debt?

Yes, if same was incorporated in or contemplated by the Contract. Otherwise a victorious party in a litigation would be entitled only to Costs

Other Conditions?

We will be happy to accept recovery action for debtors in good financial standing and in a position to pay the debt or have assets that can be seized and auctioned in events we have to get them to pay through litigation and they failed to satisfy the judgment debt after mediation failed.

At Qeeva Advisory Limited, we have an extended team of lawyers, debt collection specialists, ex-bankers. Your case will be dealt with by experienced professionals and specialists. We ensure that we build a long standing relationship with our clients and the services that we render will bring a profitable outcome to you.  Feel free to contact us for more information on international debt recovery services

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