Our team offers expertise in public sector financial regulations and therefore offer the following services.

Statutory Audits


Budget Execution Support

Audit Support and Remediation

Internal Control Assessment

Regulatory Reporting Activities

Policies and Procedures Design and Documentation

Management Consulting Nigeria

We provide management consulting services to our clients to support their goals of keeping with the changes in the business environment, the competition, government regulation, changing consumer behavior, changing technology, corporate governance, aligning their human resources capital with their strategic plans and being globally compliant with standards in their business operations. Our practice area includes

Business Planning: This is a documented set of business goals, objectives, target market information and financial forecasts that a business is aiming to achieve over a certain period of time. Companies require business plan when starting or growing your business and are required to review it regularly to keep it up to date.

Are you looking for a bank loan, pitching your business to investors or introducing a new business partner, a business plan will be needed? The business plan offers you the opportunity to research the competition, conduct financial forecasts, define where the company is, where it plans to be an outline what steps the company requires to get there. It helps with your business strategy, culture, motivate staff towards achieving set goals. It also offers the tools for monitoring progress, cashflows on a periodic basis.

At Qeeva Advisory, we offer our client business plan writing services to suit the needs of the various stakeholders that they may require it. Our business plan includes detailed financial models constructed in Microsoft Excel which our clients can proof for consistency, test for reasonability and flex to their individual requirement. It also comes with a detailed marketing plan and risks analysis and mitigants.

Budgeting: This is planning for future income and expenditure by an entity. It is an estimation of revenue and expenses over a specified future period of time. It is a management tool for planning and controlling activities of the organization.

For most businesses and entities, their budget requirements will include preparation includes a detailed balance sheet, cash flow budget, the sources of incomes and expenses of the business, profit or loss, staff budgets, expenditure budgets, production budgets, procurement budget, production costs, overheads budgets, raw materials budgets, On a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly  or annual basis, management can review actual results with planned budgets and review variances with a view to making better decisions. It helps entities to achieve their long-term goals.

Qeeva Advisory offers budget preparation services to its clients. We will work with you to develop your sales budget, review your last year sales, agree on the assumptions, this will be monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly.

We will review your costs, set budgets for them, whether fixed or variables, break-even, margins etc.

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Our Focus Areas

We work with our client to establish internal control policy and also conduct assessment of adequacy of the current internal policy. We also support our client with corporate governance framework, risk management and compliance framework

As a Federal organization, your public assets require safeguarding and your best course of action is to maintain strict compliance of your internal controls. You can trust Chortek to assess your current controls and implement, as needed, strong control environments that demonstrate financial accountability.

Our specialist in budget analysis will assist your company to maintain the requisite cash flow, ensuring that the budget is sound and point your company into areas that may need adjustments and improvement.

As outsiders, we will independently review your financial records, its history and clinically subject the assumptions of the forecast embedded in the budget for reasonability.

We provide compliance reviews for our client to assess their compliance with existing regulations and laws that pertain to their industry.

We help our client create sustainable and organic growth through the utilization of knowledge of customers, processes, what drives their buying behavior

We review current customer service initiatives and suggests improvement that will sustain competitive advantage to our clients.

We work with our client to position themselves to be able to tweak their pricing practices to support their corporate plans.

We help companies innovate and differentiate their products and sell their value proposition in order to meet customer needs

We support our client to make customized and strategic operational improvement to support their sales.

We support their marketing and brand strategy to build customer loyalty

We provide expert advice on tax planning, helping you to minimize your tax liability as business decisions come with tax implications. Planning investments, starting new business or product lines require tax planning.

We help our client to identify tax-saving opportunities and avail our client required tax planning scheme and tax exposures.

When companies required tax planning strategies to minimize tax liabilities, they turn to us for solutions.

Our services include:

Tax compliance advice

Tax Audit Support

Estate and Trust Services

Cost segregation studies

Value Added Tax

Withholding Tax Credits

Research and development tax credits

Succession planning

Entity formation planning

Mergers and acquisitions

Tax Compliance Services

Preparation and Review of corporate and individual tax returns

International tax issues

Payroll, sales tax and personal property tax compliance

Assistance with estimated taxes

Interpret existing and proposed tax laws and provide related advice

Personal Financial Management

Manage and coordinate all aspects of owners and executives personal financial affairs

Structure and plan estate, trust and gifting programs

Retirement planning

We provide mystery shopping, independent performance evaluation and service compliance review using our skilled personnel to deliver results. We support your company in conducting customer satisfaction surveys, getting feedback on what happens on the shop floor, business performances and employee feedback from the outside.

Companies that require swift, reliable and dependable feedback depend on us for results.

We support our client in formulating the strategic plans, guide the future direction and what action they need to take to achieve their company goals. We guide them through a review of their mission, vision and goals.

We take them the painstaking process which involves the following:

Gather Information

Analysis of the information

Formulate key objectives with timelines

Action Plans to achieve formulated objectives

Presentation and Implementation of the Strategic Plan with action points and responsibilities with timelines

We help our client resolve complex tax disputes. We have specialized knowledge in completing tax returns, provide tax forensic accounting service to our client. We work with Lawyers and Court Appointed Accountants and Attorneys. Our services includes:

Support during tax trials

Expert Witness and Testimony during Tax trials

Experts in reviewing and analysing Revenue Services Evidence

Litigation Support during trials

Tax Fraud Examination

We help our client with Risk management. We guide sessions to identify risk, quantify risk, and proactively manage risks. We help them to manage credit risk, market and counterparty risk, liquidity risk, operational risks, people risk, business risks. We guide them with compliance with regulations, risk analytics, risk governance.

Risks associated with the writing of insurance contracts for objects, businesses, and people.

Qeeva Advisory as Management Consulting Firm in Nigeria also provides:

Change Management: This is the discipline that guides how we prepare, equip and support individuals to successfully adopt the change in order to drive organizational success and outcomes.

As an organization that desires improvement to results, this will often lead to changes in roles, processes, organizational structures, technologies, this will often affect people in the organization and their response to it can ultimately impact on whether the proposed change will be successful or not. When employees are sufficiently motivated, they will adopt the change and give it the best shot.

Qeeva Change Management methodology

We offer a comprehensive approach to the planning, development, and deployment of organizational changes in a company, to help Leaders achieve smooth transitions with minimal disruption. Our team knows how to transform the business successfully, by paying particular attention to those who will be affected by the changes, ensuring management involvement and by minimising the organizational risks.

At Qeeva, we believe change has to be planned before it is implemented.

Our processes include:

Change Management

We help our clients to prepare its people, identify risks, design change program, and suggest changes in culture to maximize the benefits of the change

Stakeholder Management
Our work also includes the identification, assessment, mapping and planning, engaging people who may be affected by the change proposed.

We will work with our client to design, customized messages, feedback to the people in the way and time to avoid gaps that can derail the change projects.

Change Readiness Check.

Working with our clients we will assess readiness for change and likely impact. We will help them document the business case for change, design the change strategy and implementation plan.

Organization Design / Target Operating Model Change
We will conduct a review of the existing process, how the change will affect them, create the future vision and crafting the initiative that will be required to achieve the new desired state.

Behavioral / Cultural Change and Sustaining Change
We will facilitate and drive change within the organization assist leadership to offer incentives, required cultural adjustments.

We there help our clients reduce organizational friction, achieve increased adoption of change practices, reduce organizational risk from change and obtain full benefits of the change programme.

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HR Consulting –  When you need to  improve the productivity of your employees,  Qeeva’s HR Consulting team will assist  you  with framing of employee friendly HR policies, guidelines and mandates, improve performance management systems (which would include modes/types of feedback, appraisals, reward and recognition criteria, etc.), determine processes to streamline performance-based incentives/compensation, etc.


Marketing & Sales Consulting – Whether you require assistance in understanding what the most effective promotional channels are, which ones to consider, how budgets should be allocated across these channels, how large the marketing and sales team should be, how to increase reach of sales teams, how they should track effectiveness (and take corrective action immediately), etc, you would require the advice of a management consulting company. In these days of growth of the internet, you need experts in digital marketing to take you through the very rich fields where the market is at the moment. Qeeva’s Marketing & Sales Consulting Team are positioned to offer strategy advice to grow your sales and improve your results in market share and profitability.

Operations Consulting –When you need to improve your business operations, improve service delivery, cuts costs, redesign your business model to deliver on your strategy, you need to talk to a management consulting firm to help you. If your goal is to reduce defect from 5% per 1000 to 1% per 1000 in 1month, you need operations consulting experts to come in.

Outsourcing Advisory:   Companies that need to improve their bottom line through outsourcing functions like finance, procurement, information technology, change management, tax, shared services, need Qeeva Advisory to guide them.

Qeeva Advisory offer its client topnotch outsourcing advisory services in human capital for their finance-we maintain their financial books, provide the finance team, prepare their tax returns and tax computations, supply chain, procure, security, industrial cleaning and their whole information technology infrastructure.

Operations Excellence

We work with our clients to build the best operational infrastructure required for profitable, risk-appropriate growth.

Revenue Cycle Transformation: We work with our client to improve their revenue Cycle We help them identify ways to increase their net revenue, accelerate cash flow, and reduce costs by addressing people, process, and technology components across the revenue cycle spectrum.

  • Market Research
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys
  • Compensation Surveys
  • Market Entry Surveys
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Modeling
  • Outsourcing
  • Process Management
  • Procurement
  • Talent and Human Capital