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Recruitment of Staff for the SME – The Process

RecruitmentAre you considering employing additional staff to support you in the drive towards your company goals? As an entrepreneur, you may be considering how best to go about this process.

You could decide to outsource this function to a management consultant to handle while you face the greater issues of strategy.  As leading Human Resources Company in Nigeria, we provide here the following tips,should you decide that you would rather handle the process, then you may pay attention to the processes discussed here.


The first process in recruiting a new employee starts with a realization that you cannot handle every assignment in your business as efficiently and effectively without the support of an additional staff. This realization forces to think through what the position you are about to create and fill in your company will deliver. You will therefore develop a mental picture of the position and document it. This is called position description.


Having identified that the position must be created, you will then proceed to have a job specification which is the kind of person you would expect to fill the vacancy. What will be his qualification? What will be the level of working experience that will enable him function optimally? What will be his behavioral attributes? What will be the primary duties of the successful applicant? This information will be documented in a job specification.


You must determine the value of the position, it’s likely contribution to the company and then place a salary range on it. It better to do a quick review of our labour laws and competitor review to have a feel of the salary payable for similar jobs within your industry.


The next process will be determining how best to attract talents to work with you. Are you going to engage a recruitment or management consulting firm to drive the process of headhunting the staff? You may also consider word of mouth or consider having to post an advertisement of the position in any of the print or electronic media. These days social media in now in the mix. You could share the vacancy announcement in your status update for application.

As the Chief Executive, you would need to draw up a position vacancy in such a way that the best talents would be interested in responding to your vacancy announcement. Your vacancy announcement must contain the following: The name of your company, Why the vacancy arose, job description, Job specification, key performance indicators, how to apply, essential skills, knowledge and abilities the applicant must possess, education/training/qualifications, minimum cognate experience, If you engaged a management consultant to help, they can help you with the entire process till final selection.


Upon receipt of Curriculum Vitae(CV) of applicants for the job opening, you evaluate the CV’s for fit with the position description and job specification you have determined earlier. In course of this screening, you will weed all CV’s that did not meet your criteria. You can create a shortlist of at least 8 CV’s that you will invite for interviews. In some cases, you may administer a written test on the candidate and narrow down to the top 5.


You can then proceed to conduct oral interviews of the candidate and make a selection. After selecting the best candidate, you must make him an offer of employment for his acceptance stating all the terms of the employment which must include his salary, other benefits, bonuses, leave, compensation, termination of employment notice period, date of resumption, hours of work, job description, who the position reports to, the validity of the offer of employment, other documents that the new staff may be required to sign on resumption and a space for the ‘new employee” to stating his acceptance of the terms and conditions of the offer letter. The offer of employment letter must be signed by the responsible staff.


Upon resumption of the staff, the process require that all documents submitted by the then applicant, now new staff be verified. The company must them verify them by writing to the issuing authorities. All references submitted will also be cross-checked. The company will send a request to the last two employers of the company for a confidential report of the staff which positive feedback, in addition to performance on the job which can be used as a basis for confirmation of the employment of the employee.

As employments agents in Nigeria, we have just provided a precis of what the recruitment process looks like. If you desire to engage a Nigerian Recruitment Company, we may just be able to help you.

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Uloho Bright
11 months ago

Thanks for sharing this post.