Talent Acquisition Services

Hiring the wrong people is the fastest way to undermine a sustainable business – Kevin J. Donaldson

What is Talent Acquisition?

In the words of Carla Harris, for maximum growth in your business, Your human talent is your most important talent. And not just any talent can drive business growth, but the right talent gets the results you want. There are a lot of factors to consider when analyzing and evaluating the right talent to consider for a job. However, let’s first understand what talent acquisition is.

Talent acquisition is a long-term step-by-step strategy employed by organizations to meticulously assess their ongoing and future human resource requirements within the framework of their broader business objectives. This process involves the systematic identification, cultivation, and integration of optimal talent sources, which are then executed through a well-coordinated recruitment strategy.

What is the difference between Talent Acquisition and Recruiting?

Though both of these words may be important components of the human resource management department in a company or organization and most people use them interchangeably, they are not actually the same thing. While they both share a similar goal – to bring in new persons to the organization, they still hold their key differences. Let’s see some of them:

Differences Between Talent Acquisition And Recruiting

Are you doubting whether talent acquisition is different from recruitment? Then let’s clarify your doubt with our next lines. Here we go;

Focus on Timing:

  • Recruitment emphasizes filling open positions quickly in the present.
  • Talent acquisition looks to the future, considering long-term business goals.

Strategic vs. Immediate:

  • Recruitment is more immediate, aiming to meet immediate staffing needs.
  • Talent acquisition takes a strategic approach, seeking candidates who align with broader business objectives.

Time and Planning:

  • Talent acquisition requires more time and planning than recruitment due to its forward-looking nature.

Data-Driven Approach:

  • Talent acquisition utilizes metrics and data analytics to enhance the hiring process and make informed decisions.
  • Recruitment may not emphasize data-driven analysis as much.

Understanding Roles and Segments:

  • Talent acquisition teams focus on understanding various roles and segments within the organization, as well as the skills and development potential needed for each.
  • Recruitment may pay less attention to these details.

Talent Sourcing and Relationship Building:

  • Talent acquisition dedicates time to identifying the best talent sources for specific roles and building relationships within those areas.
  • Recruitment is more likely to use general hiring tools and may invest less in candidate relationship management.

Nature of the Process:

  • Recruitment is often reactive and linear, addressing immediate needs as they arise.
  • Talent acquisition follows a cyclical and strategic approach, aiming to create a continuous talent pipeline for future needs.

So, did you take note of the difference? 

While both talent acquisition and recruitment aim to fill job openings, they differ significantly in their approach, timeframe, and strategic focus. Recruitment is primarily concerned with the present, while talent acquisition takes a forward-looking perspective, considering the organization’s long-term objectives and talent needs.

Our Process and the Services We Offer Under Talent Acquisition

 At Qeeva Advisory, we are particular about the quality of services we render to talent acquisition experts. We are readily available to take up your projects in:

Recruitment: As we have already stated recruitment is just a part of the talent acquisition process and not all of it. Under it, we help your business carry out services such as:

  1. Job Posting and Advertising
  2. Candidate Sourcing
  3. Resume Screening and Shortlisting
  4. Interview Coordination
  5. Candidate Assessment and Testing


At Qeeva, we understand that effective onboarding is the foundation of a successful employee journey. Our onboarding process is designed to seamlessly integrate new hires into our organization, providing them with the necessary resources, training, and support to thrive from day one. We prioritize a warm and welcoming experience, ensuring that our employees feel valued and prepared to contribute to our shared success. The processes include:

  1. Pre-Employment Checks
  2. Offer Letter and Contract Management
  3. Orientation and Training
  4. Integration into the Organization

Talent Pipelining

We believe in nurturing a continuous flow of top talent to meet both current and future organizational needs. Our talent pipeline strategy involves proactively identifying and developing skilled professionals who align with our values and goals. By doing so, we ensure that we have a readily available pool of candidates to fill key positions as they become available, promoting agility and sustained growth. We do this in 3 simple steps:

  1. Identifying Future Hiring Needs
  2. Building Relationships with Potential Candidates
  3. Creating a Pool of Pre-Screened Talent

Employer Branding

Our commitment to employer branding is at the core of our talent strategy. We take pride in showcasing our client’s unique culture, values, and workplace environment. This helps us attract and retain top talent who resonate with the ethos of our clients. This strong employer brand not only enhances our ability to recruit effectively for our clients but also assures them of a positive workplace culture that promotes engagement and employee satisfaction. We help you do this by:

  1. Defining the Company’s Brand Identity
  2. Promoting a Positive Employer Image
  3. Attracting Top Talent through Brand Reputation

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

At Qeeva, we recognize the value of diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Our diversity and inclusion initiatives are woven into the fabric of our organization. We strive to create an inclusive workplace where all employees feel respected and valued, irrespective of their background. By embracing diversity, we foster innovation, creativity, and a dynamic work environment.

  1. Implementing Diverse Hiring Strategies
  2. Promoting an Inclusive Workplace Culture
  3. Complying with Diversity Regulations.

Talent Analytics

Data-driven decision-making is pivotal to our talent strategy. Our talent analytics process involves gathering and analyzing data to gain insights into our recruitment and talent management efforts. This enables us to make informed decisions, optimize hiring processes for your company, and ensure that we are continually improving our ability to attract, develop, and retain top talent. What we do includes;

  1. Data-Driven Decision-Making
  2. Performance Metrics and Reporting
  3. Continuous Improvement Strategies

At Qeeva, our commitment to these key services and processes reflects our dedication to building a high-performing, inclusive, and forward-thinking organization. We understand that our success is intricately linked to the talent we attract and nurture, and we are committed to providing an exceptional experience for our employees and candidates alike.

Qeeva’s Proficiency in Talent Acquisition Consulting

With over two decades of experience, Qeeva has cultivated its expertise as a Talent Acquisition consultancy, establishing itself as a trusted partner for numerous clients. In an era where the significance of talent acquisition is increasingly recognized by businesses, we stand as a valuable asset.

Whether you’re in the process of integrating talent acquisition into your organization by establishing a new position or already possess a well-established department, our team of expert consultants is well-equipped to provide guidance and collaborate seamlessly with clients in any scenario.

Why Your Business Needs Talent Acquisition Services

Competitive Advantage: By attracting and retaining top talent, companies position themselves to outshine competitors, seize market opportunities, and build a reputation for excellence. In the race for success, the right talent can make all the difference, transforming challenges into triumphs and ensuring enduring prosperity.

Cost Efficiency: Talent acquisition services can help your business reduce the hiring cost of just employing without correctly pinpointing the organisation’s needs. When the wrong individual is employed the cost of starting the process all over is not good for businesses with plans to minimize their turnover expenses.

Time Savings:  Efficient recruitment is known by how streamlined its processes are and the prompt filling of empty positions. Wise talent acquisition services always keep a talent pool of quality talents ready to bring them in. This quickens the time it takes to fill in any positions needed in the organisation.

Quality of Hire:  Another benefit of a talent acquisition service like Qeeva is that your company gets the best candidate suitable for the particular job requirement. With the right person filling the job, you are assured that employee retention is improved and there won’t be issues with temporary staff.

Compliance and Risk Mitigation: Effective talent acquisition services play a pivotal role in ensuring compliance with employment laws and minimizing legal risks. By thoroughly understanding and adhering to these laws, your talent acquisition team helps protect the organization from potential legal issues related to hiring practices thereby minimizing legal risks.

Strategic Workforce Planning: Strategic workforce planning is a fundamental element of talent acquisition services because it ensures that your talent acquisition efforts are not just about filling positions but about strategically positioning your workforce to drive your organization’s success. By aligning talent with business objectives and anticipating future staffing needs, you can stay ahead in today’s competitive business landscape.

Enhancing Employer Brand: Enhancing employer brand is a dual-purpose strategy within talent acquisition services. It not only helps you attract the right talent but also nurtures a thriving workforce, setting the stage for long-term success and growth.

Leveraging Data and Technology

Leveraging data and technology is a cornerstone of modern talent acquisition services. It not only empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions but also optimizes processes, improves candidate experiences, and positions businesses to proactively meet future talent needs.

Important Facts to Note in Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition doesn’t require a particular method as different companies have their strategies for ensuring they have the best candidates. However, there are seemingly some mistakes some hiring managers should avoid making to increase their chances of hiring the best candidates for the needed position.

Ensure Effective Forecasting

Instead of merely projecting future role requirements and expansion plans, incorporate insights from past experiences in filling positions. Account for difficulties encountered in recruiting historically challenging roles, such as scarcity of qualified candidates or lengthy interview processes. A comprehensive forecast should guarantee the timely fulfilment of all projected roles.

Establish a High-Quality Talent Pipeline: Implement robust processes for consistently generating and identifying top-tier candidates. Recognize that each organization sources talent uniquely, and your recruiting methods should consistently yield desirable candidates. Tailor your candidate tracking mechanisms to the scale and complexity of your organization’s needs, whether it’s a simple Excel spreadsheet for smaller companies or specialized software for managing larger datasets.

Promote Collaboration: Maximize your talent acquisition success by aligning your objectives with the broader company goals. Collaborate closely with your HR department and other relevant teams throughout the talent acquisition process. This synergy ensures that the talent you acquire seamlessly integrates with your corporate culture for long-term success.

Avoid Rushing: Effective talent acquisition demands time and attention to detail. Refrain from hurrying through the interview process or taking shortcuts in candidate identification to save time. Investing significantly in sourcing and hiring top talent ultimately conserves valuable organizational resources in the long term. Prioritize quality over speed.

Leverage Data Analytics:   Recognize that fostering a positive candidate experience and persuading potential hires to join your organization is as crucial as persuading consumers to purchase products and services. Utilize data analytics to unveil valuable insights, such as the sources of top talent within the company, identification of potential application hurdles posed by specific questions, and the potential impact of incorporating a company culture video in increasing the number of applications.

Why You Should Outsource Your Talent Acquisition to Qeeva

At Qeeva, we understand that attracting and retaining top talent is the lifeblood of any organization. Our commitment to talent acquisition sets us apart from other firms in this industry. Here’s why you should consider working with us:


  1. Data-Driven Excellence:

We believe in making informed decisions. Our talent acquisition strategy is underpinned by data analytics, ensuring that we continuously improve our recruitment processes and provide a seamless candidate experience.

  1. Nurturing High-Quality Talent:

We are dedicated to cultivating a high-quality talent pipeline. Our robust processes consistently identify top-tier candidates who live and breathe your company’s values and mission.

  1. Collaboration and Synergy:

At Qeeva, we emphasize the power of collaboration. We align our talent acquisition goals with your broader organizational objectives, ensuring that we work alongside, together to achieve long-term success in your organization’s hiring goals.

  1. Comprehensive Forecasting:

We help you make sure you don’t just project future roles; review and learn from past experiences. Our forecasting takes into account historical recruitment challenges to ensure prompt fulfilment of all projected positions.

  1. Time Investment for Quality:

We value quality over speed. Rushing through the hiring process is not our style. Instead, we invest the time and effort needed to source and hire the best talent, saving your organizational resources in the long run.

  1.  Innovative Approach:

Qeeva embraces innovation in talent acquisition. We harness technology and cutting-edge practices to make sure we are at the forefront of the industry.

  1. Diverse and Inclusive Culture:

Diversity and inclusion are embedded in our DNA. We help you in fostering an inclusive workplace where all talents are celebrated, recognized, and valued.

  1. Strong Employer Brand:

Our employer brand reflects our unique culture, values, and commitment to excellence. Working with Qeeva means working with an organization with a positive reputation that resonates with both our previous clients and the candidates we have hired for them.

Reach out to us at Qeeva, where talent acquisition isn’t just a process; it’s a strategic commitment. We would love to help you hire and create a dynamic and forward-thinking team, whose skills and contributions will help shape the future of your organization. 

Your journey to business success begins here. Reach Out to Us via call at +234 8023200801, 08075765799 or email: info@qeeva.com or fill out our contact form