Valuation Services

Qeeva Advisory Limited offer Valuation Services to its Clients. We offer Valuation Services to our Client in the following situations:

Litigation valuation: Expert opinions, Valuation and damage, Quantification for dispute and litigation purposes.

Financial reporting and Tax Valuation: Purchase Price Allocation, Impairment of Assets, Tax Purposes, Financial instruments and derivatives, Audit review support, Guarantees, Share based payments.

Fairness opinions: Advice to Boards and Special Committees, Buy-side/sell-side opinions, other related-party fairness opinions.

Business valuation: Transaction pricing, M&A negotiations, Business Plan Modeling, Strategic investment Decisions or other corporate and financial objectives.

Fund portfolio Valuation: Alternative Asset Hedge Fund Managers, Fair Value Measurement for Alternative Asset Managers, Capital structure analysis.

Equity Valuation

Tangible Assets Valuation: Real estate due diligence and market studies, Leases, Cost segregation studies, Fixed asset management, Construction, Tangible asset consulting

Company Valuation

We boast of a team of experts that help you with carrying valuation that they may require in their individual circumstances.

We understand how to quantify and present valuation analyses and conclusion recognizing accounting, tax, regulation, litigation, strategic management and compliance.

Why Us:

Professional Independence

Professional Competence & Care


We obtain a clear understanding of the clients needs, gather sufficient and appropriate evidence by inspection, inquiry and documentary evidences, computes and analyses the data to reach a conclusion

Content of Business Valuation Report

Valuation Report Contain:

  1. The name of the Engaging Party.
  2. Description of the business, business ownership interest, security or intangible asset being valued.
  3. The date at which the valuation has been determined, the date the Valuation Report has been issued.
  4. The purpose for which the Valuation Report has been prepared.
  5. The name & qualifications of the members responsible for the Valuation.
  6. The scope of the Valuation, including any limitations or restrictions.
  7. The basis of the Valuation.
  8. Valuers Limiting Conditions
  9. Land Registry Number if applicable
  10. Property Description/Situation
  11. Title Details
  12. Statutory Taxes/Levies
  13. Tenacies if applicable
  14. The Valuation Approaches adopted and how they have been applied.
  15. Specific information relied on in the report and the extent to which it has been reviewed.
  16. Material assumptions applied in the Valuation and the basis for those assumptions.
  17. A Conclusion of Value or Calculated Value (depending on type of Valuation Service).
    All qualifications that materially affect the Conclusion of Value or Calculated Value.
    A description of other Valuation Approaches and Valuation Methods considered and the reasons why they were not considered relevant for the Valuation.
  18. Sufficient details of the Valuation calculations to allow a reader to understand how valuation was determined, the Conclusion of Value or Calculated Value.
  19. A summary of relevant financial information
  20. A summary of the relevant industry.
  21. Definition of Valuation Terminology
  22. Observations, Commentary, Recommendations
  23. The Opinion of Value in Words and Figures
  24. The Valuer, his or her Organization and Signature

Information Required for Business or Company Valuation

  • Brief history of the business, when established, acquired, locations, services.
  • Organisation summary – key staff, roles.
  • Resume of the owner.
  • Details of owner’s salary, superannuation and other benefits (including MVs) for last 3 to 5 years.
  • Confirm corporate / entity structure.
  • Current ownership of the legal entity being valued.
  • Details of recent transfer of ownership in the entity: date, number of shares, consideration.
  • Audited Financial statements for last 3 to 5 years, including detailed profit and loss statement, balance sheets, notes to accounts.
  • Year to date management accounts (profit and loss and balance sheet) if available or else
  • Budget for year ahead, if available.
  • Current business plan, if available, or else the directors’ perceived strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the business and details of main competitors in locations operated.
  • Analysis of sales last 2 years – top 10 customers in sales pa.
  • Aged debtors listing.
  • Details of key suppliers – purchasers per annum last 2 years.
  • Depreciation schedule.
  • If plant and equipment, investments are major assets of the business, they may need be independently
  • Details of any major capital expenditure required in the short to medium term.
  • Details of lease of premises – term, options, rent pa. If the business premises is owned by related party, assessment of commercial rental on property.
  • Details of any un-booked employee entitlements (many SMEs do not accrue for employee entitlements).
  • Details of any un-booked Work in Progress.
  • Details of any carry forward tax losses.
  • Details of any contingent liabilities (eg current or pending legal proceedings).
  • Details of any long-term commercial contracts.
  • Details of required licenses, permits and registrations.
  • Details of intellectual property held by the entity.
  • Details of borrowing facilities in place.
  • Industry Information
  • Details of any unusual or one-off transactions in last 3 to 5 years.
  • Recoverability of loan accounts due to the entity.
  • Any other information considered relevant to the valuation

Our Valuation Experiences

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GSM Recharge Card Distribution Company
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Lost Profits Calculations for a Trading Company

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