Advisory services can be regarded as advice given by professionals and experts in different fields and areas according to the requirement and specification of the client regarding various matters. At Qeeva Advisory Limited, we ensure that our advisory services are provided to our clients with the goal to support the undertaking and help in specific areas like legal, business, and finance aspects of the business. We provide solutions to meet your corporate objectives in property, assets and infrastructure

Acquiring advisory services from Qeeva Advisory Limited is the key to unlocking your success and growth in your business. We ensure that we solve our client’s problems by providing efficient and quick fix solutions.  We specialize in guiding various business whether small, medium, large, public or private and our professionals have a high degree of practical, technical and business expertise from diverse disciplines, fields and sectors, with skills in the areas of investments, financials, registration, taxation, business, investigations, finance, accountancy, corporate advice, acquisitions and valuations.


In this technological and competitive era, maintaining a business in any sector is a very tough and difficult task. Most business owners are not aware of many things regarding their business such as where the business is going, the financials of the business, the internal control adopted and where the business is heading to. This is why they need proper guidance which can be gotten through advisory services.

Advisory services are a huge need for every business organization. Advisory services are important because:

Increased profitability

Whenever the business or organization profit are diminishing and is facing a downfall, it better for the owner to seek assistance from business advisory services. At Qeeva Advisory Limited, we will aid in restructuring your business to the changes in the environment, organize new strategies that will push your business beyond its previous profitability peak.

Financials advice

Mismanagement of funds, unnecessary spending and lack of proper recording measures of transactions will lead to the business packing up any time soon. The financials are the back bone of any business organization whether small or big, a business owner will proper financial strategies to continue to remain at the top of their game. At Qeeva Advisory Limited, we have accountants, professionals and experts with over 12 years of experience that aid in your better financial management

Innovative approach

Advisory provide innovate ways that will promote one’s business. Our experts and professionals at Qeeva Advisory Limited with over 12 years’ experience will provide adequate solutions to our client’s problems. Advisory services ensures that business owners are provided insights to solve and avoid further challenges

Structure an effective business plan

At Qeeva Advisory Limited, we help you restructure and draft a better and effective business plan by preventing and indicating some of the mistakes your firm made. We will ensure that proper planning taken before your firm takes any step for expansion

Help identify and cope with market growth

Whenever a business is expanding and growing, most business owners face challenges coping with the requirements and needs that comes with the changes and expansion. We will ensure that your organization is provided with well formulated techniques, measures and strategies in order to conquer the challenges that comes with the expansion and growth

Technology driven solution

The world as of today is changing with technology revolutionizing every aspect of businesses. Things are going digital and there is less need for paper work. When business owners don’t leverage on the use of technology for their businesses, they start losing their customers or lose to competition that are more technologically advanced. At Qeeva Advisory Limited, we will ensure that our clients are provided technological solutions that will aid them in their various businesses


Qeeva Advisory Limited advisory services are provided with the aim of supporting undertakings, identifying strengths and weakness of our clients in specific areas. A range of advisory services are available and we always ensure that we meet the needs of our clients. Our advisory services includes but are not limited to

Investment advisory services

We provide our clients with recommendations on investments through our findings. We offer independent financial advice and assist them to make sound investment decision from the array of investment opportunities available.

Risk management and control

Help you understand and manage risk and seek an appropriate balance between risk and opportunities. We assist our clients with risk and management control practices that will enable them measure, monitor, manage and control unexpected happenings and risks.

IT Advisory services

We provide software and technological measures that will help our client businesses make more profit and gain recognition. We ensure that up to date technological means are adopted by our clients

Bookkeeping and accounting advisory services

We provide our clients with accounting solutions to meet their needs whether it is accounting and bookkeeping. This will ensure that proper records of transaction are in place. Our bookkeeping and accounting advisory services includes:

  • Preparation of financial statement
  • External audit
  • Accounting software setup
  • Account reconciliation and reconstruction
  • Budgeting
  • Payroll execution
  • IFRS advisory

Tax compliance advisory

We also ensure that our clients abide the with the relevant tax authority where their situated. We help them compile the deferred taxes and give advice on advantages on loopholes to adopt in tax payment. We offer tax advisory services in Value Added Tax (VAT), Personal Income Tax (PIT), Withholding Tax (WHT), transfer pricing and other relevant taxes specific to our client demands

Business consulting

We provide professional information, findings and advice to organizations and companies who are our clients in order to ensure the growth of their businesses. We focus on the maintenance and development of the operations of our clients.

Project development

We help our clients to plan, organize, coordinate and control all the resources needed to achieve a goal or start up a project within a specified period of time

Capital raising

We also aid our clients in fund and capital raising by drawing investors to finance the business. We do this by formulating an effective business plan that investors won’t take their eyes off

Forensic accounting and fraud investigation

Our experts and professionals at Qeeva Advisory Limited can investigate thoroughly the suspicious areas, then collect the appropriate and relevant evidence in order to separate confusion and suspicion from the real facts. Our forensic specialists combine wider sector knowledge with extensive expertise to guide you through the technicalities of financial investigation in your business

Governance and regulatory advisory services

We ensure that all the regulatory requirements needed to set up a business or for a business to continue in existence are met. Items under this are the documents for registering the business, taxes, permits, property acquisition and clearance certificates



At Qeeva Advisory Limited, our experience of over 12 years and market intelligence ensures that we provide adequate strategic decisions to our clients


We ensure that our clients adapt to the changes in the market place environment and are flexible to any variation


We aid our clients in finding various means for financing their growth and expansion. We improve our client’s financial processes and systems, reduce costs and transform their finance function entirely

Government and regulatory compliance

We aid our clients in implementing effective and reliable governance and compliance procedures

Competitive Advantage

We boost the competitive advantages of our clients. We ensure that we provide the best advisory services that will for our clients and push them above their competitors

Prevention of fraud and corruption

We develop systems and measures that will curb out fraud and corruption in our client’s firm


We diagnose and address under performance, challenges, problems and devise workable solutions that will maximize the value of our clients

These days, start-ups and existing companies are showing massive growth in various industries, but the key thing they are lacking is advisory services. Advisory services are provided with the goal to support undertakings and overcome weakness in specific areas like finance, business, legal etc. With adequate advisory services at every step, running a successful business is turning to be a fruitful and exciting activity.

You can count on Qeeva Advisory Limited for your advisory services, we deliver a personalized service with independent, objective advice and opinions that will make your business thrive. Our clients choose us because we are known for our talented professionals, technical expertise, deep industry insights and our ability to get the job done. For more enquiries on advisory services, Call 08023200801, 08075765799, Email: