Every business organization has staffs or employees and must process the payment for these employees from time to time. This is why all employers should work towards acquiring an efficient and effective payroll processing services.

Payroll management deals with streamlining the payroll of employees, optimizing productivity and improving the whole administration of the organization. It also deals with the handling of a wide array of salary structures, tax regulations, reimbursements, leave, overtime, employee bonuses, and other relevant benefits. Doing your payroll management as an organization may not be cost effective and it is also challenging.

Successful human capital management begins with accurate and timely payrolls. Qeeva Advisory Limited can provide additional support or a complete outsourced payroll solution for single or multiple countries tailored to your business specific goals and requirements. We can provide end-to-end, single-source payroll solutions you need to support your business.


The following are the reasons why you should outsource your payroll management services:

  • It allows you focus on other core activities of your business organization
  • It is cost effective and is an affordable way of paying all your staffs
  • It saves you the headache of paying and filling taxes, pensions and other payments that are associated with the payroll administration
  • It also allows you to reduce the costs borne by your organization
  • It brings about a high level of guaranteed security to your organization
  • It bring access to correct and up-to-date information
  • It aids your entire payroll life cycle
  • Reduced investment in IT infrastructure
  • Resource deployment
  • Access to experts and professionals


Qeeva Advisory Limited is a management consulting firm with over 18 years of experience in payroll management services. Payroll regulations and its affiliations such as the Personal Income Tax (PIT) and the pensions payment can really be tedious and complicated for employers. This is one of the reasons why you should outsource your payroll services to a capable firm like us. Managing your payroll as an organization while focusing on the core activities of your business may be overwhelming and difficult

We will ensure the smooth payroll management of your organization in order to achieve better resource management, time saving while you focus on other pressing issues. We are one of the leading payroll management services firm in Nigeria with years of experience handling corporate payroll services and experts/professionals who are well certified. Our payroll management services are tailored to meet any needs of your organization


The business environment is dynamic and ever changing, this affects the constant need for controlling proper employee data. At Qeeva Advisory Limited, we offer the following payroll processing services:

  1. Calculation of payroll and issuing payslips to staffs
  2. Full support with bank account set up
  3. Monthly, quarterly and annual provision of statistical reports
  4. Handling communications with the bank representatives
  5. Payroll consultancy
  6. Personal Income Tax (PIT) consultancy
  7. Assistance and representation during payroll audits whether internal or external
  8. Full support for your finance and human resource team
  9. Pension payment of employees
  10. Provision of management reports
  11. Monthly Individual Income Tax calculation and filing
  12. Employees’ Annual Individual Income Tax filing
  13. Registration of tax-deductible items with the tax authority
  14. Verifying official receipts for tax deduction purpose
  15. Tax liability
  16. Labour allocation
  17. Time off tracking
  18. Accrual balances
  19. Custom payroll management services
  20. Wage garnishment administration services
  21. Payroll tax reporting
  22. Job costing
  23. Year end processes
  24. Liaison support with payroll technology vendors.
  25. Coordination with key stakeholders to gather all relevant payroll information.
  26. New employee set up and terminations.
  27. Change of status updates and garnishments.
  28. Maintenance of any direct vendor feeds / integrations.
  29. Updates to fields for rate changes, taxes, banking, etc.’
  30. Manual check calculations.
  31. Compliance review to ensure payroll practices are in concert with any changing federal, state, or local laws
  32. Off-cycle payroll transmissions (i.e. bonus payrolls).
  33. Common situations requiring our Emergency Payroll Support include:
  34. Unexpected absences tied to self-illness or injury or to care for a loved one who is injured or ill.
  35. Employee leaves, including medical, maternity, or paternity leave.
  36. Unexpected resignations or terminations.
  37. Layoffs or furloughs.


  • Manufacturers
  • Service Providers
  • ICT
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Government agencies
  • Health Care
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Professional & Technical Services
  • Utilities
  • Entertainment
  • Market
  • Construction
  • Power
  • Agriculture
  • Transport
  • Trade: Import & Exports


At Qeeva Advisory Limited, these are the benefits for outsourcing your payroll processing to us:


We also aid you in complying with the federal, state and locals laws guiding the pyro;; process as well as tax filings too.

Cost effectiveness

Our payroll processing services are cost effective and are affordable regardless of whether your business is small, medium or large. It also helps to reduce the overhead costs of the business organization

Data security and Confidentiality

We never disclose the information and data collected from your organization to a third party regardless of the circumstances. We always ensure that your data is fully secured and protected

Application of latest technology

In carryout the payroll processing, we utilize various software, procedures and measures that allows us stay up to date

Consistent communication

We always ensure that we deliver several reports to you monthly based on our activities. We always deliver reports with transparency and efficiency

Eliminates risk of exposure

Hiring Qeeva Advisory Limited for your payroll processing will aid in reducing the risks that comes with executing these services internally. Some of these risks includes identity theft and embezzlement of funds

Flexible services

Our payroll services can be fully customized according to your specification

Reduction of burden on the finance team

Outsourcing your payroll services to us will reduce the responsibility placed on the employees of the organization which might result to inefficiency especially when the person is not updated on legal, tax and other issues related to payroll management

Saves time

We also help you to save time and focus on other activities that will help you grow your business

Focus on core activities

We also hep in relieving your company from attending to the related day to day routines as we enable you to focus your time on other corporate matters as we help you maintain a high level of oversight on the payroll processing services


At Queeva Advisory Limited, we have over 18 years of experience in dealing with the payroll processing and management for many organization from various sectors

Experts and Professionals

We also have dedicated payroll management and processing professionals that will ensure that you acquire a high quality service based on your specification

Tailored solution

We also offer tailored solution according to the needs of our clients. We offer our services regardless of the area of your activity, organization structure, local characteristics or the number of employees you have.

Simplified payroll data management

Qeeva Advisory Limited makes the payroll data management of your organization to be a lot easier and stress free.

Qeeva Advisory Limited provides a modern and a well-structured payroll management services to all our clients regardless of your size, location and number of staffs. We have an experienced team of professionals and experts that will ensure the delivery of outstanding payroll processing services to our clients which will make you distinct from your business competitors.

We ensure that you do not worry about the fines and penalties that comes with incorrect or late filings in the payroll processing. Don’t allow non-revenue generating activities and administrative processes to slow down your company’s productivity. Contact us for your payroll management services on 08023200801, 08075765799, Email: